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The pronouns have most definitely taken over the asylum what a sad day for any real Indy people left in New SNP

What is so dangerous about the absurd imprisonment of @CraigMurrayOrg is the top Scottish judge argued that mainstream corporate journalists have legal protections she denied to independent journalists like Murray.

It’s a clear attack on independent media

Not sure why this SNP would want to lose Joanna Cherry? I know loads a women who are ONLY still in the SNP because Cherry is still there. I guarantee every single one of them leaves, if she does.

🦊 Wee Mr Fox just taking it handy on grass. He didn’t mind me talking to him at all.

Here is a mob of Jewish Israelis assaulting two Palestinian hotel workers.

If the olympics had a hate crime competition, Israel would run away with the medals.

It’s heartening to see some of @theSNP faithful, today, beginning to see the light and making tracks to leave the party…..slowly but surely

Despite Cuba being the first Latin American country to develop its own vaccine it was unable to import syringes or ventilators because of the US embargo— not only upheld but increased by Biden. Does that sound like a party invested in fighting a global pandemic?

@NilsMelzer @Jonathan_K_Cook @CraigMurrayOrg First Assange and now Craig Murray!!! The UK is now sliding into fascism; imprisoning those that uncover the crimes of the state.

Thanks ⁦@Jonathan_K_Cook⁩ for this troubling account on the suppression of independent #journalism.
If anyone in Scotland deserves to be called a «proper journalist» whose writing & integrity actually make a difference, it is ⁦@CraigMurrayOrg⁩

Craig Murray’s jailing is the latest move in a battle to snuff out independent journalism

@RogerPielkeJr Male puberty, female puberty.

Same sport, elite level.

The question is utterly ridiculous

I wouldn’t bother committing this to memory. It’ll be different by next week. 🙄

Yeah, it’s impossible to tell which sex is which.

The Chris Chan Experiment
Sick Sicker Sickest

Well done @Dunks_Scott! What an achievement💪🏻🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿🥇🥈🥈🥈

What a swim from #TeamGB  @Dunks_Scott is just outstanding and is now the most successful #TeamGB #Olympics athlete ever with 4 medals in one Games! Congrats to his family, especially his fabulous mum @JoyMacnaughton, the whole team and @ScottishSwim #Tokyo2020

Gender Critical peeps can you point me to any stories about peeping toms in bathrooms, and unsafe situations in bathrooms as a result of gender neutral bathrooms? I’m writing a very critical take down of that garbage CTV piece going around. Any help is appreciated!

Thank you for this.
Nils is a Professor of Law at the University of Glasgow and is the United Nations Special Rapporteur on Torture.

“I don’t think I should play against ‘other’ women – it’s not fair”.⛳
Fair play to any trans athlete who wants to compete against athletes of the same sex.
That’s inclusive & fair to everyone involved.
#SaveWomensSports via @MailOnline

Very early good morning GC women! It’s day 7 of recruiting women to private GC groups here in the UK and things are going terribly well.
Thanks too a wizard team of 2, London & Burroughs are being comprehensively covered. I’ll list all the areas at the end of this thread.

@RogerPielkeJr It’s not history, already this week two males have competed in women’s events – in archery and BMX

You know when you scrunch a ball of paper up and try and get it in the bin with your first shot…….

I’m letting the hoomans try this with treatos…

*always enterprising

#cats #CatsofTwittter

Night night sweet dreamies everyone

Surround yourself with people who treat you with kindness and respect.

Thank you my friends for all love that you have shown to me 🧡
#cats #CatsofTwittter

@SteveSchmidtSES “The ❌ took the place of Pepe the Frog as the avatar of the alt right extremist movement.”

THAT, I didn’t know.

It’s great to see the Anti-Indy pile on after the powerful #AUOBDundee today. Their comments are bringing us great entertainment 🍿as they show how desperate the losing side are becoming. Roll on the next Rally for Independence at Faslane on 28 Aug, for a Nuclear Free Scotland 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿

Anybody watched the good wife on sky or Amazon? Im hooked.

Reminder that the individuals who made formal complaints against me that resulted in my malicious prosecution, weren’t believed by majority female jury in Salmond trial and judged “unreasonable” in my own trial.
These people are amongst the most politically powerful in the land!

Bet they invited themselves saying its to promote the union.

@DaniGaravelli1 Nice wee article in The Lancelet if you want to read it.

The boy Ricky demonstrating the characteristics that has made him a Murrell favourite that opens the door to a post at SNP HQ and a chance to feed at the trough of members funds.

The Tories are working at cementing a permanent hold on power through their new laws on political action, voter suppression & boundary changes. This will make revolution the only possible means of getting them out. Are they painting themselves into that corner?

When George Osborne privatized Royal Mail, BlackRock was made a priority investor. It made up to £27m buying then selling the shares it bought in the 1st week alone. BlackRock later handed Osborne a job as an advisor on £650,000 a year

Hardly anyone would know that 3,000 people have just lost their jobs at the Swindon Honda plant. No mention from the media. No mention from any political party. This is another Brexit sunny upland…….👏👏👏

Murray Jailing Latest Move to Stop Journalism

Serious question – who do you complain to the SNP Complaints Officer when he refuses to listen to your complaint??? Asking for all those who pay membership

@_Leyanelle_ I’ve just reported him for ‘spam’, which is the closest option I can find to ‘trolling’.
Because that’s what he’s doing.
And his appointment was exactly the same.
They’re laughing at us.
How much more of this are we going to take?

Who do you complain to @theSNP about the new complaints officer? Asking for someone who wishes to complain …..

Keeping Freedom Alive: – via:@CraigMurrayOrg

The majority of the British public now think the prime minister is dishonest, inconsistent and disorganised.

Craig Murray’s jailing is the latest move in a battle to snuff out independent journalism