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Interlocking elites – Wark and the former FM on holiday together is only a sneak glimpse:

@alanferrier In the words of Ewan MacColl:
Did you stand aside and let ’em choose while you took second best?
Did you let ’em skim the cream off and give to you the rest?
Did you settle for the shoddy and did you think it right
To let ’em rob you right and left and never make a fight,

Death rate among health and care workers more than twice as high in England and Wales via @wordpressdotcom

‘This week has been an object lesson in why Scotland needs the full powers of independence’ // @AngusRobertson

‘I am confident that this two-pronged approach will result in a Manifesto for Independence which the SNP can live with, and which both satisfies the more radical elements within the Yes movement and inspires the voters with a call to action.’

#OnThisDay 1917 Michael O’Rourke, from Limerick ended three days of unceasing work as a stretcher-bearer, carrying in wounded & bringing medical assistance to those in No-Man’s Land under fire. For this selfless actions, he was awarded the Victoria Cross.
#Ireland #History #WW1

Labour in England attack the Tories for doing the same thing that Labour in Wales are doing. Both Labour and the Tories in Scotland *still* attack the SNP for doing what the Tories are now doing in England and Labour are doing in Wales.

BBC Scotland ignoring this rank hypocrisy.

I just supported this case! via @CrowdJustice

If you’re a young person in England who’s just been shafted by the Conservative government, here’s a message for you to take through life: get used to it, or vote for something different.

Tens of thousands of tourists have rushed back to the UK after new quarantine rules were announced

I just supported this case! Please give what you can afford. The dream shall never die! via @CrowdJustice

The Prime Ministerโ€™s dedication and commitment to transparency is well known, but did we ever learn who paid for @BorisJohnsonโ€™s Caribbean holiday last year?

3,000 readers in one hour and counting.

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Can we have Jackie Baillie please?

Driver injured as train hits car on railway tracks near Glasgow

@scottklogie1 I had to google Lord Digby Jones to check if he was a real person.
Sad to say, he is!
People like him really do exist.

This vulgar move to claim ownership of @UKgov โ€˜fundedโ€™ schemes will spark off negative reactions.
โ€œA good logo should be aesthetically pleasing which triggers positive recall about the brandโ€.
British flags masking home grown Scottish products provoked a backlash from customers

@Grouse_Beater “where fast aging journalists and newsreaders pickled in aspic pretend to be impartial”. Superb. Sally, Sally, Brian and Kirsty

@Grouse_Beater An excellent, excellent read GB. I worry that Scotland will not respond until tangible acts of physical harm affect the population, even then I fear timidity shall afflict the majority, by which time Scotland will be an enclave & without Parliament. At this time we need a Leader.

McVities factory linked to Glasgow coronavirus cluster affecting school pupils

Only Tom Gordon believes pro-SNP sources! via @wordpressdotcom

Could we have imagined after 2016 Brexit referendum, that at the March 2019 Brexit possibly or Dec 2020 Brexit point that we’d collectively have no plan for Scotland other than winning another devolved election?

Denialism and Psychopathy in the age of Choler*: What does James Cook think the Scottish Government can do? via @wordpressdotcom

Leonard looks set to lead his party to another defeat next May … because there is no obvious replacement

The PM has devised a ‘slap a jack on it’ masterplan to save the Union ๐Ÿ˜ณ

@thepeterhunt Hiya, if you’re looking for a Scottish voice, I’ve got home recording facilities:) here’s my spotlight:

Keen to build up my list of actors with home recording/ audio studio setups for ADR and other voice work…. let me know if you have this facility ๐Ÿ‘‡

Strange how the media approach is quite the opposite. There is an expectation that science comes doubt-free and handed down on tablets of stone. Even the scienceof climate change needs radical doubt – if only to test its reliability and demonstrate that it is not a religion.

@1314indy @Digbylj I think he means England will be in a reccession.
Scotland will be living the High life with all them Billions of English Pounds !๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿค”๐Ÿค”

Pupils from two more Scottish high schools test positive for Covid-19

@EydmannHeritage @Prof_Murdoch @billykayscot @SconeOf @LinguaLexy Old English had three degrees of distance: (in translation) this, that, and that one even further away. Scots continues that system – which English dialects have lost – and โ€˜thonโ€™ is that third even more distant pronoun.

UK Government rejects plea to extend Eat Out to Help Out in Aberdeen

BBC Scotland readily platformed Lab/LD attacks on John Swinney & SQA. It therefore has an obligation to pursue Scottish Lab/LD MPs & MSPs over the situation in Wales and ask why their criticisms of the SQA & Swinney don’t apply to Kirsty Williams & Qualifications Wales?

Another must-listen ‘Scottish Prism’ podcast from @Scotpol1314.
This week’s guest: journalist and broadcaster Mark Hirst (@Documark).
On the agenda: Castro, Covid, the Fabians, Unionist collapse, SNP devolutionists, civil disobedience and much more.

@Grouse_Beater Excellent article as ever and on point regarding the black arts!
Orwell would be proud๐Ÿ‘
Thank you ๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ’™

Why waste 200 thousand million on a new generation of weapons of mass destruction to deter our Cold War adversaries when we can make them tremble by doing this ?

@Grouse_Beater I refer you to Carolyn Leckie’s guid article in Thurs 13th August National. It is what I have been tryin tae communicate for some time.
#KeepTheHeid ๐Ÿด๓ ง๓ ข๓ ณ๓ ฃ๓ ด๓ ฟ

@Grouse_Beater This should be read and shared widely . A warning to all ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿป๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿป


As the Gaelic proverb goes “a friend’s eye is a good mirror” . Kevin McKenna writes candidly, esp as NEC members seem to be doubling down on not reversing the disgraceful Edinburgh Central decision!!

Why don’t Scottish Labour just get a new leader? Wouldn’t that sort everything?

BBC Scotland readily platformed Tory attacks on John Swinney & SQA. It therefore has an obligation to pursue Scottish Tory MPs & MSPs over the situation in England and ask why their criticisms of the SQA & Swinney don’t apply to Gavin Williamson & Ofqual?
@GlennBBC @BBCandrewkerr

The campaign raising funds for a court case to prove Holyrood doesn’t need Westminster’s consent for indyref2 has reached a key milestone

On #VJDay75 watch First Minister @NicolaSturgeon pay tribute to the soldiers and civilians who contributed to the war effort during WW2.

It is their resilience, bravery and sacrifice that ensured the freedoms that we enjoy today.