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Let’s give it up for @CoachCaroline, the only Dutch feminist organisation @voorzij and all the women and men fighting self-ID law in the Netherlands.

– there’s a debate!
– media are finally covering it!
– vote on the law has been postponed!


Utterly shameful 100% of Labour Party delegates and almost 100% of British Journalists ignoring the largest leak of documents in British political history., Why ?
@AJIunit @AJEnglish @STVColin @BBCGaryR @NeilMackay

@Jane_Samuels Not a peep from BBC Scotland about the huge independence march in Edinburgh.

Used to slide down that lamppost to go to Gerry’s newsagents when I was young, love my beautiful City 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿

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@elliot_gc Feel free to substitute Scotland’s saltire 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 for your union jack 🇬🇧 any time! #ScottishIndependence

@elliot_gc That’s your line is it? waving a flag is weaponising it?
Go take a walk down to Queen Elizabeth House and tell us about weaponising flags..

@elliot_gc I’ll leave this there for you, Elliot — Labour = 🇬🇧

@elliot_gc @DouneScott While you sit and watch Tories and Labour politicians join together to undermine the desire for independence, it shows your internal politics as subservient to the desires of the English voter above the interests of Scotland.

@elliot_gc @DouneScott Trying to prevent and shut down democracy is far too common in this debate. That’s a bit more important than flag regulations.

@elliot_gc Out of curiosity what flag or banner do you suggest is used by those in support of Scottish independence?

Also, did you think the use of the Union Jack at Labour conference last week was potentially weaponising a flag?

@elliot_gc Anyone is free to fly the Saltire of Scotland but step into a supermarket and you’re immediately assaulted by UJ products on Scottish Goods

@elliot_gc Your party sang God Save The King in front of your flag at conference. Stop pretending that the Saltire means anything to you.

@elliot_gc Maybe you should read some history before you make an erse of yourself on twatter.
No country in the world has it’s citizens embarrassed about flying their own flag..except house jocks, aka colonialists, in Scotland.
Scots r not rejoicing that the country next door keeps us poor!

@elliot_gc You obviously don’t love the Scottish people since you’re happy to deny them democracy. Talking of flags your Labour Party are obviously trying to compete with the tories on the most/biggest Union Jack competition.

@elliot_gc No, they don’t. But your unionism is toxic. I’m not one for flag waving, I prefer chapping doors and having conversations, and the one I hear most often is that Scots want to be in the EU.
Labour is the party of brexit.

@elliot_gc Unionists decided to weaponise the Saltire in the 2014 referendum campaign by deliberately NOT using it.
Trying to keep it hidden.
Like something shameful.

We use it because we’re not ashamed of it.

@elliot_gc You can’t be a true Scot and at the same time believe our natural resources and revenues belong to Wastemiser – that Scotland is a dumping ground for nuclear weapons and waste – That the ongoing cultural genocide is acceptable – that we have no right to manage our own country.

@McHaggis69 @alisonmatthewA1 @elliot_gc These “but British” see Scotland as a possession of England, they pretend to themselves that they are equals. Where this is the political reality.

@elliot_gc Only because you DO talk Scotland down. Read the tweets of Anus Sarwar and especially Jackie Baillie as examples and find one positive thing they ever say about our Country 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿and it’s institutions. Being British trumps everything as far your “Scottish” Labour Party is concerned.

@elliot_gc I checked your bio. This 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 isn’t your flag. It’s my flag. This 🇬🇧 is your flag. Scots reject this 🇬🇧 for a reason. You are about to be forced into facing the reason. Can’t wait 😘🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿

@elliot_gc Correct you don’t have to support independence to love Scotland but loving Scotland and wanting the best for Scotland are not the same thing. lf you seriously wanted what is best for Scotland there is no conceivable way you could support remaining in the abusive Union. Also flags

@elliot_gc Nobody is weaponising anything, the Saltire belongs to all of us. But you unionists do talk Scotland down, independence is normal.

I appeal to the people of #Dunfermline to #BoycottTheRoyalVisit on Monday, the King has the power to dismiss the government, by not doing so, he’s complicit in the poverty and misery we’re ALL having to endure 🤬

Who are the racists again I would ask?

@snowleopardess @Patrici89225734 Repeat after me, my pension is not a benefit, it is something I have paid for

So Simon Clarke says we are living in a fools paradise and austerity by a thousand cuts is on the way. Let’s start in Parliament. Cut out subsidised bars and restaurants. Cut out expenses. Cut out Ministerial cars. The list goes on. This is a dreadful statement.

“Investigator who revealed Jimmy Savile’s sick crimes says he is working with police on child sex case against ‘very significant’ person who is ‘untouchable’ and may only be named when he dies”. “The British Establishment will never willingly surrender Scotland’s massive resources. Those who believe Westminster should have a veto, are against Independence, whatever lies they spout.
It really is as simple as that.”

LawFare, by @C_P_Resource

Read it and weep. This is how much we have had to spend – not to create law, but just to protect existing law. Over £3 million.

This was actually enjoyable! “I hate being the person that says ‘I told you so.’ but…”

Myself, @Hardeep_Matharu & @peterjukes discuss how revelations I made about British lobby groups & Tufton Street a whole 4 years ago are only just being taken (barely) seriously.

NEW: The @LibDems have called for an official inquiry into the Chancellor toasting his mini-budget with bankers.

“While struggling homeowners saw their mortgage bills spiral it seems the Chancellor was sipping champagne with hedge fund managers profiting from the falling pound.”

Scots in the capital are demanding ‘our right to decide’

Transition is modern day gay conversion. We now tell young gnc kids who are ashamed of their sexuality that it’s normal to feel that way- it’s actually a sign of being trapped in the wrong body. Gender ideology is regressive and homophobic.#detrans

Ugh. Here we are smiling cheerily the night before we bury my mum/my grandma. Not weird or creepy at all. 😬

@No7Sammy Funnily enough, public policy is supposed to be based on evidence not on lies and smears. Until 2015, Stonewall WAS the @ALLIANCELGB . Are you so dense you don’t see that Stonewall has abandoned its founding principles and mission statement?

The Labour Party says it won’t stand in the way of a border poll in Northern Ireland on reunification – yet it simultaneously opposes a referendum in Scotland. If Starmer does indeed become Prime Minister he cannot treat two parts of the UK differently

@julieavfc71 @sharrond62 I simply wanted to protect the kids. I was thrown out and the abusers not only stayed, but got promotions. But yes… a well done would be nice. Justice will be served at @Tribunal I’m confident of that. @NorthernIreland needs to take this sort of thing seriously.

@sharrond62 Unfortunately, speaking out results In loss of everything. I blew the whistle on abusive practices against people with disability. I lost everything and 62k in financial loss so far. Tribunal is in belfast Jan 23 to Jan 27 2023.
Thats why people let bad things happen.

Can’t believe people genuinely think @jk_rowling has in any way damaged her legacy. She’s just levelled up to boss defender of women and children who gives zero f’s. She is glorious.

@LesleyRiddoch @ScotParl All SNP supporters may want to make themselves aware of this and question, ‘What is going on?’
Please share within the movement.

Walking up the street with my Shopping, two drunk Scottish people looked at me & said
(& I quote)
“Oi, English man, f☆ck off home”

To which I replied
“I Am, I Live up the Hill”

It maybe Because I am highly visible as the English Born Scot, Counting down the days till #Indyref2

BBC Wales website gives FULL coverage to Welsh Indy March, today.

BBC Scotland website COMPLETELY IGNORES Scottish Indy March, today.

Judge for yourselves.

So we’ve already established that I’m drunk. But I paid for a private menopause appt bc my GP is rubbish. She was great. She listened to my symptoms and recommended a combo.

A combo which I can’t get bc men are STEALING IT from us.