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@Scotpol1314 I hate to be pedantic but it was not the ‘SNP’.

It was a committee, drawn from the NEC of the SNP which the ordinary membership of the SNP are not allowed to know who comprised it, as it’s anonymous.

Could not agree more that we need an alternate plan.

“The frustration and angst is so tangible. The political vehicle for Indy seems to have taken on a fair bit of wear and tear on its journey and definitely needs a good overhaul. But we do need to keep that vehicle running and get it over the finishing line.” TheBenUpNorth

Has anyone in the denier community used the word “shamdemic” yet? If not, I claim it, and no-one else can use it without my permission.

Labour councillors who formed an unauthorised coalition with the Conservatives will be suspended from the party until at least 2022

So @Mailchimp is now going to fact-check our emails?

What criteria will they base their decisions to dismiss content as misleading or false on?

Builders – we need new tech companies committed to a base level of neutrality, openness and with limited purpose.

“Scots have been dragged out of the European Union and are losing their EU citizenship and rights against the will of the large majority”

Does anyone know if a former President is jailed for serious crimes such as rape does he lose the title of President?

This is the Times so I’m assuming that’s not what was actually said? I HOPE that’s not what was actually said? Are we really at the point of “report your friends and family to the police”?
If accurate, this Act needs to be shredded. No amount of tweaking will save it.

Forget Boris’s and Carrie’s cringeworhy poppy-clad address to the nation on the NHS!
Read this if you want to know how #ToryScum is fleecing the nation:

Alan Mak, MP for Havant: Inappropriate with female researchers and journalists and asked to take 3 female aides on holiday

“With support for Independence well over 50% and solid, now is the time to ACT FOR INDEPENDENCE”

Crucial decision at a crucial time.

I recently asked people not to retweet this image as it really upsets Mr Gove, my plea fell on deaf ears with thousands of RTs causing great upset to Gove. So again I beg you please don’t retweet thank you.

By @Scotpol1314 Show Me The Money.

Anyone tell me why in 2020 Scotland under the SNP food banks have become essential and prevalent and why most towns are now full of pound shops ? Meanwhile SNP MSPs have become millionaires, how does this work ? Please enlighten me I’m intrigued.

EHRC report talks about the Jewish community as if it’s monolithic, a very serious defect

Many Jews support Corbyn

Board of Deputies, for example, is NOT regarded by most Jews as representing them. It is pro-Tory, pro-Netanyahu, pro-Trump. Many Jews profoundly disagree with it

@JimmyThePie @GHarrisG @bspeed1e @Grouse_Beater @theSNP Good luck with that. The SNP conference is now the most controlled in the UK. They’ll never allow members to actually demand answers from the Central Committee.

I can’t believe what’s happening to the party I’ve supported for over 50 years

Covid-19 spreading faster in England than government’s ‘worst-case prediction’, documents show

We’re running a competition to find your best Westminster-themed Halloween costumes. First place receives a cash prize of £100, and the winner will be determined via a reader poll!

Click here to find out more and to enter:

@STattisconie @bruce_bwkm You either make a historical drama with real facts, or it’s fiction & actually a load of bollocks. Imagine a remake of Zulu, and all the warriors are white guys in string vests & shorts.

Disappointed but in no way surprised, the plan is to run down the time until we’re tied down so tight Independence becomes nothing more than a lost dream. the rogues of today are every bit as bad as the rogues of 300 yrs ago.

@blindmanonhorse @DerickfaeYell @Feroxbill1 @punkpuffin Aye, I am one and I don’t have a cabinet of ministers to delegate. Have you not listened to any of the interviews on through a Scottish prism with members of the NEC? Those who actually want independence? There are serious issues in the party which need dealt with.

@Scotpol1314 @IncubatorMan @ScotlandRobbed @isthisab0t @jbwhitesnake I know, which is why ISP are getting my second vote…I am not giving it to a Tory again.

More ISP we can get in the more threatened SNP will be.

“the absolute right of self-determination as defined in Article 1 (ii) of the UN Charter. That right of self-determination in international law is inalienable. It cannot be constrained by the domestic legislation of any subsuming state…” @CraigMurrayOrg

Tiers against fears –

@scotlibdems More lies and irrelevance from the Tory Lights.

“Federal UK “

No thanks.

Independent Scotland.


@GREIGEXVS1300A @GordonDunsmuir @scotlibdems They’re just clutching at straws with their repackaged Labour federalism and their support for Brexit. This is why they will never be anything other than the 5th party in Holyrood.

The SNP is already the Gov. in power, & therefore have the greatest ability to shape Scotland’s route to independence. However at every turn, the leadership (NEC) are reluctant to pursue various paths to indy. So explain to me, how them being a majority Gov. will change this?

Forced to belatedly lock down for a month – minimum – when you could have got ahead of it early and done it for a fortnight…. fucking textbook. Absolutely wild to see TORIES make things worse for business because they still haven’t glommed on health and economy go hand in hand

At the start of October, I said a further lockdown felt inevitable and asked UK Gov to extend furlough and look at additional support.

Furlough ends tomorrow, and what replaces it isn’t nearly enough. People are struggling.

The UK Government haven’t planned for this – again. 🤦‍♀️

@SandraS33770384 @WilmaMcewan1 @ga11acher @joannaccherry @JoanMcAlpine Why haven’t all PCR machines in Scotland been utilised to carry out effective local track n trace?
Why are SNP still instep with Cummings regime and not WHO recommendations?
Why hasn’t travel been restricted both in and out of Scotland and within high and low Covid areas in🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿?

“Murrell, as a private citizen, is entitled to express the view in a private conversation that he thinks Salmond should get the jail for what he’s done. It’s what he does to bring this about that might constitute exceeding his powers.”

M. Clyde

ADVERTISEMENT: Craig Murray for SNP president and independence in two years

The PMs mouthpiece speaks to England … #WhereIsBorisJohnson

@vFreeBirdv @Scotpol1314 @bahookey4 @yona1959 @scotmacscotbot @MrMalky @WilmaMcewan1 @ga11acher @theSNP In a way to wear out Martin’s funds by prevarication and obstruction.

The word “#Halloween” derives from Scots.

@Grouse_Beater @Crostafhathast @theSNP I needed my independence spirits raised, this did it in spadefuls, I have been saying for some time that we need to use their own arguments against them, Duncan Hamilton does it with crushing aplomb. Thank so much for this.

Already a @YesCymru member? Yep! Great!

Here’s a really simple way to grow membership by a multiple of 4, in days….

Ask the other members of your family to join….

@Paul_pawpaw @opento @ga11acher The most effective barrier to an independent Scotland in 313 years😉

🚨13 Welsh Conservative MPs voted against free school meals this week.

📢So in honour of them, for the next 13 days, we’ll take a look at how much money WE are paying to each of these 13 per-year.

6) David Davies, MP for Monmouth (@DavidTCDavies)

#A83 #RestAndBeThankful: The OMR local diversion route is currently closed due to flooding from the river in the area. Teams are investigation the situation to ensure the OMR opens as quickly as possible. In the meantime, traffic is being diverted via the A82/A85 and A819.

Video: Jewish former ANC MP blows apart excuse for Corbyn’s suspension and accuses opponents of ‘abusing notion of antisemitism’ to attack him – SKWAWKBOX