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@katbalmy @TeatimeWithMatt @babybeginner @mjfuhlhage @AbigailShrier Guys at our school have decided to let bio girls use our locker room if they are uncomfortable. We make sure it’s cleared out, then no one is allowed in. Best we can do to look out for our sisters, gf’s, cousins and what not. Pass it on.

Schwarzenegger gets coronavirus vaccine: “Come with me if you want to live!”

How did a tiny Baltic state emerge from the old Soviet Union to become Europe’s leading digital economy in just 30 years? Launch of new film with @cherlieboy – Estonia, the Baltic Tiger on Sunday 31 Jan. Sign up for a free invite & full launch details

Scottish Government – Handling of Sexual Harassment Complaints Involving Current or Former Ministers – Events in November 2017 – Is This a True Record by Calton Jock

@DickWinchester Perhaps Scottish fishermen, farmers and anyone else watching this horror show will now understand the difference between a small country negotiating on behalf of its people and a colonial power using them as collateral.

@DickWinchester @IainLintonSNP It is a War. It always has been. Only when Scotland TAKES its own power will the Nation be free. Until then it’s slow Genocide. Highest drug death rate in Europe ? Ask yourself why. Plenty more to come, just keep begging the English.

@gdog2010_john @K_Kennedy I am sick of repeating myself go and read my blogs or listen to the podcasts. However what that has to do with removing the corrupt liars is irrelevant.

@DickWinchester @moocowe If it wasn’t fir Covid lockdown the chaos would be tenfold

@DickWinchester @goldfinch1952 this is just the beginning. the english nationalists are going to break our economy like thatcher did. scorched earth, leave us nothing so we are too poor and they can continue to rape our resources. the next big resource to be traded…. water. just wait and see.

“Police Scotland advised that, without specific details, no appropriate response could be given and no assessment of risk could be made” | @wornoutmumhack

Police were asked ‘hypothetical questions’ on ‘specific’ cases while government policy was developed

August 2020 i tweeted this. This is true today with others joining the list

I’m in no sense easily angered but this makes me so damn angry. How the hell did we let these ideological driven lunatics in Westminster do this to Scotland? And if u think this is bad I don’t think we’ve seen anything yet.

Endless confusion and more death. Priti Patel inadvertently green-lights parties of up to 14 people. The Tory Govt spends the next 48hrs trying to clarify before eventually abandoning the policy but it will already be too late.

Here comes the foreign-funded UK version of Fox News to interfere in Scottish independence, for that’s what this will all be about. Their pals & contacts and funders look set to lose £millions & their hunting shooting theme park if we vote Yes. No strategy is too dirty for them.

@citizentommy @wordpressdotcom Listened tonight I’m still in shock at the vastness of this 😞 informative podcast Tommy looking forward to the follow up

…and you’ve got the cheek to call ME a nationalist? 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿 #indyWales

@DeidreBrock It’s the same story with all sectors at the moment: first reassurances that nothing will happen and they’ve secured a future, then a triple u turn 6 weeks laters without consulting the industry impacted:

It’s not like the problems weren’t highlighted well in advance – you just have to listen to the folk working in the industry. Watch the video linked from this tweet, for example –

Starmer, Johnson and Davey won’t be happy …

@EleanorFergus18 @scotmacscotbot @edin_su “Self indulgence”? When innocent man has been fitted up by members of Scot Govt+cld have spent the rest of his life in prison, never mind what that would have done to his family-and you think people intent on uncovering the truth are self indulgent? “Wheest For Indy” personified.

The Scotsman banned him for being disloyal to Sturgeon It says. I’ve heard it all now, from the Yoons, fake & real. This one a 100% fake though.

Vaccination is our best way out of coronavirus.

When it’s time to roll up your sleeve, please do so.

Find out more ➡️

Medical staff and volunteers in Helensburgh and Lomond have been commended for the “well organised, professional operation” as thousands received their first dose of Covid-19 vaccinations.

Read our full coverage here:

It’s the assurances that the Prime Minister gave so glibly to fishing communities that everything would go smoothly. This is the link to the video –

Many constituents have asked me about redistributing our surplus Covid vaccines to developing nations.

We cannot consider ourselves safe from the virus until everyone has been vaccinated, and the UK Government must ensure any excess is provided to those that need it.

Anyone enjoying any upsides of leaving the EU yet? You can’t use “take back control” or “Sovereignty” in your answer because they are perceptions not reality.

‘This industry has collapsed’: Call for Brexit ‘grace period’ on seafood denied

@DeidreBrock @zsstevens Wow @LochfyneLangous @jrclarkbf800 @SeafoodScottish @SeafoodFromScot there you have it. The support from Westminster is: “No”!

Only London media have no fear of Sturgeon, this Yoon says. I wonder who he thinks owns & runs the media In Scotland? I love his fake name though.

Police Scotland was contacted on a number of occasions by the government seeking answers to “hypothetical questions” which were “predicated upon a specific set of circumstances… rather than development of a generic procedure

@DeidreBrock Thanks for pushing our plight .
Unfortunately its falling on deaf ears .
The Industry will desintrigate in to nothing under the new normal.
#BrexitShambles #redtape

Correspondence published on Thursday also shows that civil servants asked Police Scotland “a number of hypothetical questions” about its harassment policy that appeared to be about a “specific set of circumstances”.

and hauliers are finding the UK Government’s systems are just not fit for purpose –

Brexiteer world 🙄🙈

and the chaos engulfs other industries, too, as meat producers have found out –

It wasn’t just me who got a negative response, either, @Stuart_McDonald and @neilgraysnp pressed for support for Scotland’s fishing industry but the Tory Government still doesn’t see the problem –

Govt says “no problems of any significance on borders”

Handing out rosettes to the queens has me thinking it’ll be a real missed opportunity if someone doesn’t manage to get @ShadyLawrence along to do some ballot sampling at the Emirates in full drag.

Heels must give a real advantage for looking over other sampler’s shoulders.

An idea for Burn’s Day Monday 25th January courtesy of @cattler Let’s get this trending on Monday #ParceloRogues

🚌 Scottish Transport Secretary @MathesonMichael has introduced legislation to provide free bus travel for the under-19s.

📢 This support will reduce barriers created by transport costs allowing young people to achieve their fullest potential.

Thank you @OwenThompson for a really productive discussion with myself and @RCRadiologists @OliverReichardt earlier, on #radiology and #ClinOnc issues, especially workforce, kit and IT. Looking forward to working with you to highlight the importance of diagnostic pathways.

Keatings v Adv General
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