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@janelochleven @lukewmorrison @theSNP Not just that. A few minutes ago I saw an SNP account reporting an Alba account for ‘bullying’. The ‘bullying’ was nothing more than constructive criticism and the offer of a bet. And Twitter went with it!

Downing Street Parties led to 126 instances of law breaking say the police.

Ordinary people got 100,000 (up to £10,000) fines & publicly shamed

Downing St. Lawbreakers get anonymity & a polite rebuke

One rule for us. Another for them.

Hormone & drug-induced lactating males (whether man or transwoman) should not be allowed to “breastfeed” newborns in their care.

It’s akin to experimentation on baby & could do serious medical not to mention psychological harm.

Don’t STFU about this. What do you think?

@ILawson27 Similarities to @Iblogtoglasgow “Rebellious Scots to crush” very strong-both deserving of a read-divide and rule continues to be the fundamental approach by WM, always has been until we #dissolvetheunion. We need to unite, saynomore!

NHS changes pages on ovarian and womb cancer to remove the word ‘woman’. Women’s health takes second place yet again.

Here’s Owen Jones implying a white supremacist mass murderer in the US was influenced by leftwing feminists in the UK. Obviously having a totally normal one and not misogynistic in any way. 🤷‍♀️

All eyes on Irish Govt as Taoiseach @MichealMartinTD goes north tomorrow. As Co- guarantor of the Good Friday Agreement Dublin must bring momentum & plans to address DUP & British obstruction of the Executive. No more drift. The people have spoken. Politics must get back to work

@Allanpetrie91 The SNP have morphed into an UK establishment party who will never deliver the revolution required to achieve independence. The SNP need to be removed from power & replaced with a party who will take on the corrupt UK state, not become part of it.

When’s the last time we saw an ‘internal review’ produce anything conclusive and positive?

Our ability to share ideas and information on the platforms where most people congregate is being increasingly restricted, not on the basis of whether our speech is harmful, or even whether it is true, but on whether it helps or hinders the US propaganda campaign against Russia.

Nobody knows more about the struggle to make ends meet than Rishi Sunak, who has just made it onto the Sunday Times Rich List.

Does anyone know

I have a alcohol and drugs mouth-watering test on Tuesday.

If I get pished on Saturday night will I fail it?

– Knock knock

– Who’s there?

– Barry

– Barry who?

– Barry Stir from Garden Court Chambers but I can’t stand here talking to you, I’m in a mahoosive trial and I’m also travelling and it’s nearly Christmas. Who the hell even are you?

In Germany 🇩🇪 the state pension is £26,000
In France 🇫🇷 £15,811
In the UK it Is an insulting £8,620
The UK is the poor man of Europe

Question @AndyBurnhamGM how would you feel if this lot arrived at your office and stopped you entering it? Would you have something to say then?

Please don’t ignore this, the women of Manchester deserve better then your silence.


If you’re going to pretend no one knows what sex anyone is, then yes, you might find yourself relying on crass gender stereotypes to describe what a woman looks like. It’s hardly fair to then blame everyone else for your own prejudice.

@15jonrell If only there were more like you our independence movement footprint would 100+ more than it is today across Holyrood and the Scottish Chambers.

This is what happens when you don’t provide your population with a decent education system.

@EuForScotland Despite being an SNP member I have never voted SNP 1&2. Always give additional votes to Independence supporting Parties Soar Alba 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿

Please retweet if you no longer believe @metpoliceuk is fit for purpose.

Question the SNP and your an Alba supporter. Heaven forbid your a member with your own mind.

Women have the right to make free spaces, services, organisations under the Equality Act to state this is not hate just a matter of fact.

Partygate is not the only case of blatant corruption under the Johnson Brexiter Monster Raving Loonies, but the fact that it has utterly hollowed out the Met is worse than shocking, it’s frightening.

@Ross_Greer You’re in coalition with the SNP ffs. Who voted for that? The Green’s principles bought off for a couple of junior ministerial positions. Pathetic and hypocritical.

Rishi Sunak has just been named as one of the richest people in the country, with a £730,000,000 fortune.

This is the man who is refusing to do more to help struggling families, saying this week “the next few months will be tough”.

This super-rich Chancellor is taking the piss.

This reported in April. How could @metpoliceuk have possibly known then – ahead of their fearless and impartial investigation – Johnson would only get one fine?

“If No 10 Downing Street was a restaurant or a school, it would have been shut down”

Labour’s @LucyMPowell says Covid rule breaking at Downing Street was “on an industrial scale” and the Conservatives are not fit to govern any more. #bbcqt

It took me 24 hours and a few basic journalistic skills but I’ve now intervwd several parents across UK about what is really happening in schools when it comes to gender ideology. None of it involved me tweeting 1m followers to ask school bullies for their side of the story.

Before the Autumn the SNP diehards will seriously question their party if there is no campaign and the SNP know this….but they are skint they blew the crowdfund ask Alyn Smith who paid his 6 figure fine to the Farage Brexit Party.

@CllrDownie Your party just put up candidates from the OO AND put them in positions of power
“first cast out the beam out of thine own eye”

Can anyone think why this might be a problem in the world of high flying (sic) politics?

#bbcqt I see the BBC have someone from the IEA on. This is not a respectable think tank. It’s a right wing American funded group who want to turn the UK into the US. Why does the BBC gives these people airtime?

Yesterday’s events confirmed that the Met police are corrupt, Johnson is a liar, and that rules and the law do not apply to the wealthy and powerful.

The prize for the most meaningless Jubilee “gong” goes to Stanley in the Falklands, given city status with a population of 2,500. The whole territory boasts fewer than 4k inhabitants.

@Tam_Selleck @didsburyceltic Bassey your best player
Alfie your striker
Kamara your greatest ever signing
Aribo your main creativity
Barasic your left back. All bless themselves on entry to Ibrox pitch ffs

“There’s a great irony in that the same people chanting ‘protect trans kids’ are advocating for [puberty blocker drugs] that could permanently impair [kids’] ability to enjoy sex as adults before they’re even able to comprehend what that means.” US journo Katie Herzog #AusPol 1/

And that’s exactly how they’re doing it!! It is INDOCTRINATION!! This gender ideology is a cult! 🤷‍♀️

Recreational cocaine users face random testing and could lose their passports under plans to cut demand for Class A drugs in Britain

“Israeli forces have killed 45 journalists since 2000, injuring many more, simply for doing their job. These crimes are part of a pattern of violence, harassment and intimidation against Palestinian journalists…”

@Tam_Selleck @dailytelegraph @AamerAnwar @BBCSportsound @BBCchrismclaug @SkySportsNews @TSBreakfast @Call_It_Out_ @NicolaSturgeon @thes

ScotRail driver salary on completion of probationary period: £48,360

NHS Scotland doctor’s salary on completion of foundation training: £40,020

Decide for yourself, folks……

Exactly that 👍🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 100% down to NewSNP @Scotpol1314 @tallyanne1 @AlbaPartyTime @albathepict @AlexSalmond @KennyMacAskill @Always_a_Yes @SophiaPangloss @citizentommy @Pensioners4indy @BlairJenkinsYes @YesBarGlasgow

“Independence means taking the power to do things differently. Look at the state of the UK and ask yourself if all you want is more of the same.”

Read my latest column here 👉

It isn’t a dark deal. It’s democracy in action.

This is what happens when the SNP are lead by a closeted devolutionist, who’d rather spite other pro-indy parties than work with them.

SNP members should ask themselves; do they support independence or Nicola Sturgeon’s career?

In November i had a single mastectomy because I have inflammatory breast cancer.I begged my surgeon for a double mastectomy.absolutely not was the reply”it’s unethical to remove a healthy breast” Why is it ok then for women with 2healthy breasts who simply want to transition?