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Moore under fire over use of Government credit card by special adviser
A special adviser to Michael Moore used his Government credit card to upgrade an airline seat and also to pay for a hotel on his way to accompany the Scottish Secretary at the British Grand Prix.

Shortlist for name of Forth bridge is revealed
THE shortlist of potential names for the new Forth bridge has been revealed by a panel of judges.

£25m regeneration fund launched
A £25 MILLION fund aimed at boosting disadvantaged areas has been launched by Deputy First Minister Nicola Sturgeon.

Green scheme may save billions
GREEN business agency Zero Waste Scotland has appointed Amec to support a Scottish Government programme designed to save firms £2 billion per year.

Clegg claims centre ground amid attack on 'extremist' rival parties
NICK Clegg has suggested only the Liberal Democrats now hold the centre ground in British politics as he accused the Conservatives and Labour of having been dragged to the "extremes" of Right and Left.

May 2 The facts
l Elections in 34 local authorities across England, mostly county councils rather than in big cities, and one on Anglesey.

Rich pensioners could lose winter fuel allowance, Miliband suggests
Wealthy pensioners could be stripped of benefits such as the winter fuel allowance if Labour wins the next General Election, leader Ed Miliband has suggested.

General Election poll boost for Labour
Labour's hopes of victory at the next General Election were given a boost after a poll showed most voters believe it will be time for a change of government in 2015.

Labour party members face Joyce seat vote ban
DOZENS of party members could be ineligible to vote in Labour's selection contest to replace disgraced MP Eric Joyce after fears were raised about how they joined up.

Tory accuses PM of jobs for the boys bid
A Tory backbencher has hit out at "jobs for the boys" in government after David Cameron drafted in Jo Johnson to head his policy unit.

Sheridan takes up bedroom tax cause
A NEW organisation to oppose the bedroom tax, headed by Tommy Sheridan, is pledging to "build an anti-evictions army of ordinary citizens" and campaign against the UK Government's welfare reforms.

Shamed MP spent night in cells
Eric Joyce spent a night in police cells last month after a second drunken brawl in the House of Commons bar.

Major Crimes Unit to probe complaint over Matheson's George Square role
THE Labour leader of Glasgow City Council is to be investigated by the Major Crimes Unit over alleged misconduct during the £100,000 contest to redesign George Square, Police Scotland confirmed last night.

Tories to recognise marriage in tax system before election
DAVID Cameron has made it clear that he intends to recognise marriage in the UK's tax system before the next General Election.

Galloway: Ed Miliband is a lying coward
THE prospect of a reconciliation between Labour and George Galloway has evaporated after Ed Miliband branded the Respect MP's views awful and the Scot hit back dismissing the party leader as a coward and a liar.


Scotsman - Politics Feed

1707 Act of Union play to precede referendum

A NEW play charting the events leading up to the 1707 Act of Union will be staged at the Royal Lyceum theatre in Edinburgh just months before next year’s referendum.

Holyrood plan to ban wind farms from scenic areas

WIND turbines would be banned across a fifth of Scotland under the first Scottish Government planning proposals specifically designed to protect the nation’s iconic wilderness.

Better Together donor Vitol ?naive? in Balkans trade

FORMER Liberal Democrat leader Paddy Ashdown has said it is “legitimate” to question the £500,000 donation to the pro-union Better Together campaign by Ian Taylor, the president and chief executive of Vitol.

Child-care cash blow to 258,000 Scots families

MORE than a quarter of a million families in Scotland are to miss out on one of the UK government’s flagship schemes to support working parents.

Northlink defends Viking ?Nazi? salute logo

Under-fire ferry firm Serco Northlink has defended its choice of a new logo which critics have branded a ‘Nazi symbol’.

Ray Winstone calls Scots ?tramps? on TV quiz show

ACTOR Ray Winstone has drawn around 100 complaints after calling Scots “tramps” on television panel show Have I Got News For You.

?Laughable? tram stop shelters won?t stop rain

IN some cities they are a luxurious waiting area with temperature controls and even padded seating.

Comment: Museum curators making strange choices

When it comes to celebrating human achievement, museum curators are making rather strange choices, writes Tiffany Jenkins

Kevin Toolis: Gordon Brown?s image problem

The fall of a great man and how we choose our leaders is the theme of a new play by Kevin Toolis

Borders housing chiefs accused of bullying

OFFICIALS at a housing association have been accused of jeo­pardising the welfare of ordinary families and ordering staff to ignore grievances, The Scotsman has learned.

David Maddox: Miliband?s vision is clouded

THE reason a leader of the opposition at Westminster normally makes an alternative Queen’s Speech is to provide a different programme to that offered by the sitting government.

Leaders: Miliband must spell out what Labour is for

Why isn’t Ed further ahead? That, in a nutshell, is the question which is being asked about Ed Miliband in relation to his and his Labour Party’s standing in the UK political opinion polls.

Peter Jones: Currency wars are on the horizon

Independent or not, Scotland will still be vulnerable to monetary manipulation by other nations, writes Peter Jones

Comment: Benefit changes will hit housing associations

ONE of the flaws of the so-called bedroom tax is that, contrary to the policy’s assumptions, there are simply not enough suitable properties to move “under-occupying” tenants to.

Child-care cash blow to 258,000 Scots families

MORE than a quarter of a million families in Scotland are to miss out on one of the UK government’s flagship schemes to support working parents.

Wingsland Blog

Wings Over Scotland
sentiment without action is the ruin of the soul

Official: Britain is unsaveable
This is Labour leader Ed Miliband on Radio 4′s “World At One” yesterday: (From 16m 12s on iPlayer.) “I think people are asking this very very important question about the country, which is, y’know, are our problems so deep that NOBODY can actually make a difference to them? My emphatic answer is yes.” Ours is [...]

The hidden cost of the Union
We had to be out most of yesterday, so we didn’t have time to cover a story which broke in the morning in several UK papers. 24 hours later, though, we can still find no mention of it in the Scottish media, which remains fully occupied in filling its pages with recycled wittering drivel about [...]

Ashdown rescued from crash
Weirdly, the front-page lead story of today’s Herald newspaper is (at the time of writing) completely absent from the online edition. We did a little digging and found that it had been somehow fused into a piece about three women and a baby being involved in a car crash, with no text. Hopefully the Herald [...]

A shocking accusation
From this morning’s Scotsman: That devious BASTARD.

A surprising result
Our survey of Scottish political website readership closed last night, and the results are in. And we must admit, we really didn’t see this one coming. Remarkably, the winner of the poll – excellent news resource BBC Scotlandshire – was on 0 votes the day before voting closed, largely because we’d forgotten to include it. [...]

Telling half the story
An alert reader pointed something interesting out to us this morning. STV News, the Telegraph and the Paisley Daily Express all carry an almost word-for-word-identical story (the only one with a byline is the Telegraph’s version, which credits it to the grumpy-looking Josie Ensor), all three of them headlined with slight variations on the phrase [...]

Quoted for truth #14
Sunday Herald, 28 April 2013: “The Better Together campaign has many faults. It is tedious, piecemeal, relentlessly negative, and a factory for an endless supply of scare stores. Although these qualities do little to make a positive case for the union, there are some signs that they are effective. Last week was a case in [...]

Briefings abroad
We stumbled across this quite by accident yesterday. We think you’ll enjoy it. The clip is from last year, and was aired on Canadian national news channel Sun News. Douglas Murray is a British writer who claims to be half-Scottish on account of unspecified links to Unionist breeding ground the Isle of Lewis, popular haunt [...]

Deadpan sarcasm of the day
Emphasis, as always, is ours. “STATEMENT BY SCOTTISH COOPERATIVE PARTY EXECUTIVE The Scottish Co-operative Party?s 2011 manifesto is one full of co-operative and mutual solutions to the challenges faced in Scotland, issues of independence, devolution or the constitutional settlement did not feature. The annual Co-operative Party conference has passed motions which promote a view of [...]

Have we got friends for you
The BBC’s flagship satirical programme “Have I Got News For You” is, of course, comedy. The tone of the opening minutes of last night’s episode was a little uglier and nastier than the usual friendly inter-regional jibes (normally delivered by the likes of Jeremy Clarkson and accompanied by rebukes from the rest of the panel), [...]

BBC Scotland

BBC News - Scotland politics
The latest stories from the Scotland politics section of the BBC News web site.

Yes chief lobbies for Scottish pound
The chairman of the campaign to deliver a yes vote in next year's independence referendum says he would "personally prefer" Scotland to adopt its own currency.

Child obesity level 'still too high'
Obesity in Scotland's primary one pupils has remained at "worryingly" high levels for more than a decade, a leading public health consultant says.

Wind farm ban plan for scenic areas
A revamp of planning rules in Scotland could see wind farms being outlawed in the country's national parks and designated scenic areas.

Cancer cases up as survival improves
Cancer cases in Scotland increased in the last 10 years, but patients were more likely to survive the illness, official statistics reveal.

Minister questioned on Children Bill
Government plans to provide every child in Scotland with a "named person" to safeguard welfare are questioned by MSPs.

New exam support materials published
Online resources and guidance on the new qualifications being studied by fourth year pupils at Scottish secondary schools are published.

Search for Orkney ferry replacement
The operator of an Orkney ferry which could be out of action for a month says it is trying to find an alternative vessel for the route.

Tax move 'to beat Scottish yes-vote'
First Minister Carwyn Jones warns the chancellor that a failure to implement tax and borrowing powers for Wales could make a yes vote in the Scottish independence referendum more likely.

Scots tobacco display ban in force
A ban on the display of cigarettes and other tobacco products in large shops in Scotland comes into force.

New powers to tackle fine dodgers
Scottish courts are to be given new powers to crack down on fine defaulters, the justice secretary confirms.

Cyber-crime voucher scheme extended
A voucher scheme which allows companies to apply for funding to improve their cyber security is to be extended.

CBI boss argues for United Kingdom
The boss of the Confederation of British Industry (CBI) uses a speech to business leaders in Scotland to argue for the United Kingdom to remain together.

Funeral of Brian Adam set for Friday
The funeral of Aberdeen MSP Brian Adam is to take place on Friday, with mourners asked to avoid sombre clothing.

'Intelligent' CCTV plan for Glasgow
Plans are being drawn up to install more than 400 "super intelligent" CCTV cameras in Glasgow which could be used in terrorism and suicide prevention.

New export strategy to be drawn up
A new export strategy is being drawn up to help the Scottish food and drink sector target new and emerging markets.

Newsnet Scotland

News Scotland | News - Scottish, Politics, Economy and Culture
Scottish News, News Scotland - Politics, Referendum, Economy, Culture and intelligent opinion | Newsnet Scotland, uniquely Scottish

What is the media?s role in the independence referendum debate?

By Campbell Martin
THE SNP?s landslide victory at the 2011 Scottish Parliament Election was remarkable, particularly when we consider that the whole electoral process was set-up to prevent such an outcome and no part of the mainstream media in Scotland supports independence.
Of course, people were not voting for independence in May 2011, which meant that some newspapers - most notably the Sunday Herald - were prepared to back the SNP to manage devolution within the UK.

Are Better Together Closet Scottish Nationalists?

By Roddy Macdonald

The independence campaign is really only the second important campaign I?ve been involved in so far in my life.  The first was for the removal of the ludicrous ban on gay people serving openly in the UK Armed Forces.  As time moves on, I?m noticing a striking similarity between the opposition to the two campaigns.

By the 1990s, it was blindingly obvious that the internal opposition to gay people serving openly in the Armed Forces came not from straight colleagues, who really couldn?t care less. By far the most vocal opposition came from high ranking, self-loathing, closet homosexuals.

Venezuela at a crossroads

By Bill Bonnar
It was an election marred by blatant vote rigging and corruption, with the opposition crying foul.  It was an election which lacked legitimacy in the eyes of much of the international community and among its Latin American neighbours.
Not in Venezuela but nearby Paraguay which last week 'elected' the billionaire Horacio Cartes of the far right Colorado Party, to the presidency.  Cartes [pictured], who previously served a jail sentence for corruption and drug dealing, was almost immediately endorsed by the United States as the legitimate winner in the election.

Trade Unionists 'Coming Out' for Yes

  By Toni Giugliano
The STUC was one of the principal architects of the Constitutional Convention to re-establish the Scottish Parliament.  Last week, during the organisation?s congress in Perth, Dennis Canavan challenged the trade union movement to "finish the job it started" by campaigning for independence.
As sectoral co-ordinator for Yes Scotland it was my aim to ensure we were visible throughout the three-day event.  We certainly were - to the point where the No campaign accused us of "saturating" congress with our publications;

Blazing Saddles and the Tory suicide bumbler

  By G.A.Ponsonby
There is a memorable scene in the classic Mel Brooks movie Blazing Saddles when the black sheriff, confronted by townsfolk brandishing guns, grabs his own gun and puts it to his own head.
"The next man makes a move and the ni**er gets it" he says to the mob. 

"Hold it men, he?s not bluffing" exclaims one of the ringleaders, "He?s just crazy enough to do it" says another.

Economic time bomb still ticking

  By George Kerevan 
WHEN asked what kind of generals he liked, Napoleon Bonaparte famously replied: ?Lucky ones.? George Osborne proved a lucky politician yesterday when he escaped the embarrassment of being the first chancellor ever to preside over three successive recessions.

The first quarter GDP figures turned out to be not only positive, but a reasonable 0.3 per cent ? well, reasonable in a global downturn.

Our broadcasters are letting us down ? things have to change

By Mark Piggott

I was down in England last week where the Thatcher funeral dominated the media.  I?m told in Scotland it was much the same with BBC Radio Scotland going in for wall to wall coverage on the hallowed day, they sent a team down especially.
Another story failed to register with the BBC, a little known web site called National Collective had been taken offline.  National Collective is an organisation of Scottish artists and creative people who have come together in order to use art in the quest for Scottish independence.

Johann Lamont will see the light

By Mark McNaught

Johann Lamont?s speech to the 2013 Scottish Labour conference vividly illustrates the contradiction between the party leadership?s desire to remain in the UK and any possibility of accomplishing, in the post-Thatcher era, any of the social objectives Labour has historically advocated.

If this is the most finely honed argument she can come up with for Scotland remaining in the UK, 'Better Together' has lost, and Scots will vote for independence in 2014.  It is hard to believe that even she finds it credible.

Seven Suggestions for Scottish Labour to be the Party of Change

By Gerry Hassan, The Scotsman, April 20th 2013

It seems to be the age of seven questions as Tony Blair once again acts as an uncomfortable sage for Labour and Ed Miliband.

With Labour meeting in Inverness this weekend and the party?s Devolution Commission interim report out, it is time for Scottish Labour to assess where it is and what it needs to do to change and to start shaping the political weather.

Here then are my seven observations and suggestions for you Johann:

How the European Union is helping to protect children online

By Tasmina Ahmed Sheikh
Tasmina Ahmed Sheikh is and SNP candidate in next year?s Euro elections. She is the only woman on the list of six. As National Women?s Officer for the Party, she is acutely aware of the need to open up politics for women and as a mother herself of the need to protect children online.
The Internet has opened up a vast resource of information to all of us, one that shifts and changes literally by the second.

Referendum 2014 (

Referendum 2014 |
All the new curated posts for the topic: Referendum 2014

The Scottish Independence Podcast 23 ? Jonathon Shafi

For episode 23 of The Scottish Independence Podcast I spoke with Jonathon Shafi. He is a co-founder of the Radical Indy group and a contributor to different sites, including Bella Caledonia. We tal...

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Unionists see Scots as poor and stupid - Robertson

SNP Westminster leader Angus Robertson has claimed the “No” campaign is based on the idea that Scots are “uniquely poor”, “stupid” and “incapable” of self-government.

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A heady mixture that's just too rich | Herald Scotland

TO listen to the spin following First Minister's Questions this week you'd be forgiven for thinking that really quite reasonable exchanges on the question of an independent Scotland's currency had descended into a gaffe-strewn pantomime.

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Glasgow food bank struggles to meet demand

BEHIND an unmarked shop front in a busy road in Govanhill desperate people are being given the basics to survive.
Peter A Bell's insight:
I'll vote Yes because I aspire to a country where food banks are unthinkable.

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Dornan urges No Campaign to hand back 'dodgy donation'

Glasgow MSP James Dornan has become the latest politician to demand the return of a controversial donation made to the Better Together campaign by businessman Ian Taylor.

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Comment: impact of independence vote on pensions - Comment -

The independence vote will have profound ramifications for pensions, public or private, with vital issues to be addressed as people plan life after work, writes David Wood
Peter A Bell's insight:
A couple of things stand out in this article. The first is the author's unthinking acceptance of unionist media spin as if it were beyond question. Currency, he states with the kind of absolute certainty that should always raise an eyebrow or two, would be a "hot issue of debate". That is certainly the anti-independence line. By why would an open-minded person take this as fact?The reality is that a currency union is as close to being a certainty as you're ever going to get in politics. Why? Because there is no other viable option for rUK. If there were then might it not have been reasonable to expect that George Osborne might have spelled it out? An open-minded person would at least have asked the question.It's the same as the nonsense unionists talk about Scotland's post-independence status vis-a-vis the European Union. They leap up and down bawling about how the SNP's position - two successor states - is unrealistic and impossible. But they are totally at a loss to provide an alternative scenario that is even remotely credible.The other point that stands out is the incredibly naive notion that being part of the UK somehow provides a remedy which banishes all uncertainty.The reality, of course, is that whatever uncertainties there may be these are precisely the same for Scotland's pensioners within the union as they are with independence. There is nothing about independence which in any way alters the basic arithmetic. But we are supposed to believe that management of these uncertainties is better left in the hands of a UK government which has caused most of them in the first place.Better Together has obviously decided to have a wee go at pensions this week. But, as ever, their "arguments" fall well short of anything that might reasonably be expected. They are long on leaden assertions about Scotland being innately incapable of managing pensions. But nowhere will you find any kind of explanation as why this should be so.The purpose is blatantly obvious. It is to sow seeds of unreasoning fear and unwarranted doubt in the minds of Scotland's people. The anti-independence campaign epitomises the politics of fear. Yes Scotland represents the politics of hope. Let hope triumph over fear. On September 18 2014, vote Yes!

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Sign for Scotland: A Scare A Day...Pensions edition

This is the first of our 'Scare a Day' posts.  We say first because unfortunately we believe this will become a regular feature until the referendum.  Hopefully we're wrong and we can focus on more positive topics, such as our potential to diversify our economy, create a more peaceful foreign policy and reduce poverty and homelessness.

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Fear over pension fearbomb feared

Hang on. The heart of the latest No campaign/media scare story is that the enormous pension deficit currently looming over the UK like a great big multi-billion-pound fiscal sword of Damocles (but ...

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Jamie Hepburn dismayed at OKI job losses | Scottish National Party

Jamie Hepburn, SNP MSP for Cumbernauld and Kilsyth, has expressed dismay at the news today that around half of the 350 jobs at OKI, one of the biggest employers in the Cumbernauld & Kilsyth area, are to be shed.

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Scottish independence: Pension warning for SNP

BUSINESSES could be faced with a multi-billion-pound pension bill to finance private retirement schemes in an independent Scotland, the body representing the country’s accountants has warned.
Peter A Bell's insight:
One of the more inane unionist scare stories. We are paying for our pensions now. I have scoured the article but can find no explanation as to why we would "magically" become unable to do so after independence.

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Counting with Unionists

We already know that the No camp has, shall we say, a bit of difficulty when it comes to basic arithmetic. But rarely do they demonstrate it so eagerly as they did last night. We very much apprecia...

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On Balance

I was down in England last week where the Thatcher funeral dominated the media. I’m told in Scotland it was much the same with BBC Radio Scotland going in for wall to wall coverage on the hallowed day, they sent a team down especially.

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Osbornes Toxic Legacy

By Jonathon Shafi When you hear the word 'deficit' the first thing that springs to mind is the so called 'budget deficit'. So called, because many of us are 'deficit deniers'. A deficit denier is s...

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Scottish independence ? why so complicated?

The debate about Scottish independence is being made much more complicated than it actually is. And that’s making it hard to make a rational choice.
Peter A Bell's insight:
Even if we accept the "five unions" hypothesis put forward in this article, the fact remains that only independence gives Scotland the power to freely negotiate the terms of all of those unions.

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Better Together donations row reaches Commons as new Vitol deal emerges

THE row over political donations by the head of oil trader Vitol was taken to the heart of Westminster when the issue was raised at Prime Minister's Questions by the SNP.

Peter A Bell's insight:
I look at Ian Taylor's picture accompanying yet another article about his firm's dubious practices and I'm amused to think that this is precisely what he sought to avoid when he set his lawyers on National Collective and Wings Over Scotland. Didn't work out too well for him, did it?

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Daily Record

dailyrecord - Politics
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Independence 'Yes' camp chief Dennis Canavan backs new Scottish currency
CANAVAN'S opinion, given in an interview with BBC Scotland, differs from the Scottish Government, which has set out plans to retain the pound if Scotland votes for independence.

Planning policies regarding location of wind farms are submitted to Scottish ...
MINISTERS have proposed extending the separation distance between wind farms and cities, towns and villages.

Methadone use must be reduced in Scotland, say opposition parties
OFFICIAL figures released show there were 438 drug deaths in 2011 and the heroin substitute was implicated in 234 cases across Scotland.

Alex Salmond blasted over currency controversy as independence supporters att...
THE First Minister's plan to keep the pound in the event  of independence was looking ever more shaky as key supporters admitted they want a separate currency.

Scottish courts to be given powers to take fines straight from criminals' ben...
Court link-up with Department for Work and pensions aims to tackle poor rate of non-payment

Too many 'Mr Bigs' are being able to keep their ill-gotten gains, says the fo...
LES Gray believes the legislation to seize criminal's assets just doesn't go far enough with many so called "Mr Bigs" not losing much money at all.

Former MSP Tommy Sheridan set to lead Scotland?s campaign against the Bedroom...
SHERIDAN, who led ­Scotland?s fight against the Poll Tax more than 20 years ago, was elected chairman of the All Scotland Anti-Bedroom Tax Federation at the weekend.

Police investigate Glasgow City Council leader Gordon Matheson over his handl...
INITIALLY a £15m contract was awarded to an architectes firm to revamp the area but Matheson announced in January the plans had been scrapped prompting a serious complaint being made against him.

Alex Salmond accused of lacking guts as new poll shows 62 per cent of Scots t...
AS the latest independence poll is released it seems pressure is growing on First Minister Alex Salmond as 62 percent of Scots say his case for breaking away from the Union isn't very convincing.

Victims of the Tories' failure
LARGE-SCALE events such as the Olympics and the Jubilee can give the economy blips of growth but the overall picture is of a country that is going nowhere fast.

Couple who pass each other on Holyrood's corridors reveal what it's like bein...
AS new BBC TV drama The Politician's Husband hits our screens we find out from two couples what it is really like to be married to a politician.

Former Labour minister Brian Wilson backs Record's campaign to have alcohol b...
THE former minister joins Celtic chief executive Peter Lawwell, who has also called for the outright alcohol ban imposed in the wake of crowd disorder in 1980 to be lifted.

Bedroom tax rally: Protesters head to Glasgow to unite against cuts which the...
PROTESTER William Black says it's important people show support for those who can't stand up for themselves.

Scottish newspaper industry reveal plans for watchdog that readers can trust ...
THE Scottish newspaper industry has drawn up a draft alternative to the Royal Charter planned by David Cameron after the Leveson Inquiry into press standards.

Bid for cheers in the stands
CELTIC chief executive Peter Lawwell is keen to see alcohol being sold to Scottish fans in stands during matchdays.

Guardian - Scottish Politics

Politics: Scottish politics |
Articles published by Politics about: Scottish politics

Politics Weekly podcast: the Scottish pound; school holidays and the local el...

George Osborne visited Glasgow this week with a message to supporters of an independent Scotland: don't assume that you'll keep the British pound as currency. Osborne argued that if Scotland were t...

Letters: Currency questions for Scotland

Even if Scotland votes for independence and manages to keep the pound (No currency union with independent Scotland, says Osborne, 24 April), there's another problem facing its choice of currency. T...

Scotland's independence debate is giving unionism a shot in the arm | Martin ...

Alex Salmond's SNP should be crowing after Osborne's speech. But pro-UK politics is making a confident comeback

This week Alex Salmond was gifted the sort of opportunity he is supposed to dream of. ...

Scotland: the nitty-gritty of an ideal | Editorial

The danger for unionism is that the nationalist tide is met with a run of unplanned concessions

As with David Cameron's recent trip to Scotland to put the case for a Trident missile that has always ...

Scotland's currency options

Should an independent Scotland try to form a sterling pact with England, join the euro, or create its own currency?

Have its own currency

A Scottish currency ? let's call it a Scotdollar ? would be a...

Osborne scorns Scottish independence camp's plan for currency union

Scottish first minister tells chancellor to 'grow up' after he pours cold water on SNP's plans to retain pound sterling

George Osborne has stepped up the Treasury's attacks on Scottish independence ...

Should Scotland have its own currency? | The panel

George Osborne has said the UK may not share the pound with an independent Scotland. Our panel discuss the implications

Alistair Darling: 'A Scottish currency would be plain daft'

The SNP cannot guar...

Scotland currency row: Osborne accused of 'scaremongering'

Scottish finance secretary says there is compelling case for currency agreement between Scotland and rest of UK

John Swinney, the Scottish finance secretary, has accused George Osborne of using "sho...

Osborne warns of currency risks for independent Scotland - video

Chancellor George Osborne speaks in Glasgow at the publication of a Treasury report on currency options for an independent Scotland

Currency union with Scotland may not be in UK's interest, says Osborne

Chancellor says abandoning current currency arrangements 'would represent a very deep dive indeed into uncharted waters'

An independent Scotland would be forced to adopt new currency arrangements th...

Scottish currency options: not a simple matter

First minister Alex Salmond favours using sterling in a formal currency union, but he faces a fight

Those pressing for a yes vote in next year's referendum on Scottish independence need to convince ...

An independent Scotland could endanger sterling, Treasury warns

Whitehall says that unless Scottish public spending and debts are heavily cut, the currency could be threatened by speculators

The Treasury has warned that it could refuse to agree a formal currency...

Labour and Scotland: a tie that binds | Editorial

If the rhetoric of one nation is to mean something, much is to be said for caution over cutting such a strong link

Ed Miliband made a confident speech to the Scottish Labour party conference at the ...

Scottish independence: Alex Salmond given currency ultimatum

Scotland may have to join euro or create new currency if first minister fails to accept Treasury's terms for joining sterling

The Treasury has launched a direct attack on Alex Salmond's plans for Sc...

Scottish Labour leader backs call for income tax powers

Johann Lamont says proposals for Holyrood to set rates are 'a good piece of work', after criticism from within her party

The Scottish Labour leader, Johann Lamont, has slapped down MPs who condemned...

Bella Caledonia

Bella Caledonia
JAMES KELMAN 'How many countries do we know where the people need a debate about whether or not they should determine their own existence?'

CyberBrits and Spectator Sports
By Jamie Maxwell There was something depressingly predictable about the way George Osborne?s intervention in the independence debate last week provoked a spate of Scotland-focused editorials and co...

By Mike Small It’s important to connect up propaganda, media distortion and the lies that we are being told, both about the independence campaign and the state of the British Continue reading

Have I got a new laugh for you innit?
I guess we’ll just have to get used to this.  Ever since the Scottish Government had the temerity to ask its people about self-governence Little Britain has only gone and Continue reading

The Pound In Your Pocket
by Kevin Williamson On 19th November 1967 Prime Minister Harold Wilson made his famous “Pound In Your Pocket” speech.  His government  had just announced a devaluation of sterling and Wilson Contin...

Why It?s (Still) Kicking Off Everywhere
By Paul Mason Two years on from the Arab Spring, I?m clearer about what it was that it inaugurated: it is a revolution. In some ways it parallels the revolutions Continue reading

The Scottish Independence Podcast 23 ? Jonathon Shafi
For episode 23 of The Scottish Independence Podcast I spoke with Jonathon Shafi. He is a co-founder of the Radical Indy group and a contributor to different sites, including Bella Caledonia. We tal...

The Terror of Capitalism
By VIJAY PRAHAD (dedicated to Alex Massie) On Wednesday, April 24, a day after Bangladeshi authorities asked the owners to evacuate their garment factory that employed almost three thousand workers...

Reclaiming a creative Scotland?
by Johnny Gailey Presentation to Creative Scotland at Sabhal Mòr Ostaig, Isle of Skye,  23 April, 2013. Feasgar math. Many thanks to Kenneth and Pat for inviting me to speak, here Continue reading ...

Sweet 16
By Michael Bartlet The Ministry of Defence wastes £94 million every year training minors for army roles which could be filled more cost-effectively by adult recruits, says a new report Continue rea...

On Balance
Our broadcasters are letting us down ? things have to change. A guest post by Mark Piggott on BARD2014. I was down in England last week where the Thatcher funeral Continue reading

Scotland and Independence

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Scottish Independence: Yes chairman Canavan backs Scots currency - BBC News

BBC News

Scottish Independence: Yes chairman Canavan backs Scots currency
BBC News
The chairman of the campaign to deliver a yes vote in next year's independence referendum said he would personally pr...

Scottish independence: CBI boss John Cridland argues for union - BBC News

Herald Scotland

Scottish independence: CBI boss John Cridland argues for union
BBC News
The Scottish government has argued that after independence Scotland would be stronger. Finance Secretary John Sw...

'Wales can show Scotland an alternative to independence,' Chancellor told - W...


'Wales can show Scotland an alternative to independence,' Chancellor told
Early implementation of the first Silk report in full is needed to show Scotland further devolution is...

Scottish Independence Would Mean Loss of Pound, Osborne Warns - New York Times

BBC News

Scottish Independence Would Mean Loss of Pound, Osborne Warns
New York Times
LONDON ? With the euro crisis still smoldering, currency unions have a pretty bad name in Europe right now. That r...

As Scots weigh independence, church won't tell Catholics how to vote - The Pilot

The Pilot

As Scots weigh independence, church won't tell Catholics how to vote
The Pilot
A teacher and schoolgirl run in front of a sign indicating the date of Scotland's independence referendum outsi...

Scottish independence: Pension warning for SNP - Edinburgh Evening News

Edinburgh Evening News

Scottish independence: Pension warning for SNP
Edinburgh Evening News
Shadow pensions minister Gregg McClymont pointed to the leaked draft Cabinet paper from finance secretary J...

Why I support Scottish independence - The Electronic Intifada (blog)

The Electronic Intifada (blog)

Why I support Scottish independence
The Electronic Intifada (blog)
When I arrived here I had a shallow idea of what the question of Scottish independence meant for the p...

Scottish independence: Church of Scotland to debate coronations - BBC News

BBC News

Scottish independence: Church of Scotland to debate coronations
BBC News
Future monarchs should be crowned in Scotland as well as at Westminster Abbey if Scotland becomes independent, a Churc...

Two thirds in Scotland give the thumbs-down to independence - The Times (subs...

The Times (subscription)

Two thirds in Scotland give the thumbs-down to independence
The Times (subscription)
The campaign for an independent Scotland had a fresh setback yesterday when a poll showed ...

Independence: Salmond accused of 'playing it safe' - Scotland on Sunday

Scotland on Sunday

Independence: Salmond accused of 'playing it safe'
Scotland on Sunday
Discontent within the independence movement at Salmond's ?cautious? approach came as ?Yes? hopes were dealt ano...


SNP - Google News
Google News

Canavan breaks ranks with Salmond over use of pound after indyref - Herald Sc...

Herald Scotland

Canavan breaks ranks with Salmond over use of pound after indyref
Herald Scotland
Yesterday, two SNP veterans criticised the party's currency plans, with former deputy leader Jim Fairl...

Scottish Independence: Yes chairman Canavan backs Scots currency - BBC News

BBC News

Scottish Independence: Yes chairman Canavan backs Scots currency
BBC News
Dennis Canavan's view is at odds with that of the SNP Scottish government which would rather continue to share the po...

Sodium nitroprusside is not associated with metabolic acidosis during ... - 7...

Sodium nitroprusside is not associated with metabolic acidosis during ...
7thSpace Interactive (press release)
Sodium nitroprusside (SNP) is a potent vasodilator that has been used to induce delibera...

Scotland is an ingenious country saddled with the most witless politicians in...

Scotland is an ingenious country saddled with the most witless politicians in ...
It is hard to remain part of a UK military if (like the SNP) you disagree with most in...

Planning improvements will boost jobs - SNP (press release)

Planning improvements will boost jobs
SNP (press release)
Improvements to Scotland's planning system announced today will ensure that even more emphasis is placed on using the planning system to secu...

Yes camp at war over Alex Salmond's currency plans -

Yes camp at war over Alex Salmond's currency plans
The intervention by Mr Wilson, and by Jim Fairlie, a former deputy leader of the SNP, follows criticism from the Gree...

Yes camp at war over Salmond's currency plans -

Yes camp at war over Salmond's currency plans
The intervention by Mr Wilson, and by Jim Fairlie, a former deputy leader of the SNP, follows criticism from the Greens an...

SNP group 'disapointed' at bedroom tax motion defeat - Donside Piper and Herald

SNP group 'disapointed' at bedroom tax motion defeat
Donside Piper and Herald
SNP Banchory and Mid Deeside Councillor Linda Clark said: ?This is not just about keeping a spare room for the sake of it...

McGrigor hits out at SNP government over RET removal - For Argyll

For Argyll

McGrigor hits out at SNP government over RET removal
For Argyll
'SNP Ministers should now apologise to hauliers, local businesses and residents in the Western Isles, Coll and Tiree for intr...

Alex Salmond blasted over currency controversy as independence supporters ......

Scottish Daily Record

Alex Salmond blasted over currency controversy as independence supporters ...
Scottish Daily Record
Independent MSP Margo MacDonald and the Greens have already told of concerns o...

Referendum 2014 (Google News)

scotland referendum -guardian -telegraph - Google News
Google News

£4m research project to study social attitudes ahead of referendum -

£4m research project to study social attitudes ahead of referendum
Experts are to study crime rates, urban demographics and social inequality across Scotland as part of a £4m research initiati...

Bought and Sold? Campaign Finance and the Scottish Referendum - Huffington Po...

BBC News

Bought and Sold? Campaign Finance and the Scottish Referendum
Huffington Post UK (blog)
It's only been a few weeks since Alex Salmond announced the date of next year's Scottish independence r...

Wood Group boss has no fears over 2014 referendum - Herald Scotland

Wood Group boss has no fears over 2014 referendum
Herald Scotland
The chief executive of Wood Group has said Scotland's biggest oil services firm could succeed whatever the outcome of next year's ref...

STV hosts schools debate on Scottish independence referendum -

STV hosts schools debate on Scottish independence referendum
Secondary school pupils will have the opportunity to debate the big issues in the run-up to the referendum on independence in 2014 ...

MSPs urge No campaign to return oil tycoon's donation - Herald Scotland

Herald Scotland

MSPs urge No campaign to return oil tycoon's donation
Herald Scotland
"Does the Cabinet Secretary agree with me that Scotland's referendum must be conducted to the highest possible sta...

Scottish independence: Referendum cost estimated at £13.3m - BBC News

BBC News

Scottish independence: Referendum cost estimated at £13.3m
BBC News
The latest estimated cost of holding the Scottish independence referendum stands at £13.3m, a rise of about £3m on previous...

United we will stand ? but for how long? - Herald Scotland

United we will stand ? but for how long?
Herald Scotland
That is hardly likely to be the clarion call from Alistair Darling, leader of Better Together, as he makes the case against Scottish independe...

SNP leader Alex Salmond faces referendum rethink as sun sets on alliance with...

The Independent

SNP leader Alex Salmond faces referendum rethink as sun sets on alliance with ...
The Independent
News International's top selling title in Scotland, The Scottish Sun ? whose support i...

Second vote may be needed to resolve post-referendum issues - Herald Scotland

Herald Scotland

Second vote may be needed to resolve post-referendum issues
Herald Scotland
Professor John Kay, an economist, who sat on the Scottish Government's economic advisory panel, was respondi...

The Referendum Q & A: Rory Bremner - Herald Scotland

Herald Scotland

The Referendum Q & A: Rory Bremner
Herald Scotland
He is currently working on a one-off political comedy for BBC Scotland, called Rory Goes to Holyrood. Which way will you be voting in...

Tartan Army Message Board (often features political threads)

Anything Goes

Buying A Car Using Pcp To Finance It
Ive started looking at buying a new car. Previously I'd always bought my cars outright in full when I purchased it. This time round I'm not going to manage it and am needing finance of some descrip...

Dennis Canavan Backs Scottish Pound.

A man that talks a lot of sense.

Plane Crash Caught On Camera

Bloody hell!

Restless Natives (Film)

Anybody a fan of this film? It seems a tad forgotten compared to Gregory's Girl, Local Hero, Trainspotting etc.


Nice locations and cracking soundtrack by Big Country. 


Uk City Of Culture
I see Aberdeen has thrown its hat into the ring for this in 2017...... along with Hull!!

Derry will be hosting it this year I believe, does anyone know much about it?

I lived in Liverpool when they...

Is it just me or are the trees really late in 'leafing' this year?

Still very brown in the parks.

Bbc The New Hammer Of The Scots

Just where are the positive headlines from BBC on Scottish Independence, I haven't heard or read any. 


Thanks to Craig Murray (broadcaster, author and human rights activist) for highlighting what...

Walvis Bay, Namibia. Anyone Been?

I'm due to have my crew change in Walvis Bay, sometime around the 8th May, and was wondering if anybody has been there? I shall be in desperate need for bevvy, so was hoping for some pointers for p...

Scots Piper Stabbed To Death In W Yorks

Court told stranger killed piper

Apr 29 2013

[ &     ]

A talented young piper was kille...

Tamber On Tv Alert!

Anyone catch a programme called Benedorm ER last night?  I was channel surfing about 10.30 pm and spotted a bloke wearing an SFA Tshirt...then I realised I knew who he was!  Taunton Tartan out ther...

Better Nation

Better Nation
Work as if you live in the early days of a

Diverse In Action
The independence movement is just that; a movement. It is not a retailer of one narrative, or one coalescent ideology. It is a broad church peopled by persons of many political creeds, and none. Di...

A return for WMOTW
It’s been ages since anyone here cast an eye over the motions lodged at Holyrood, looking for saints and sinners, but the list remains a rich trove of absurdity and partisanship, alongside thoughtf...

With helpful advice like this?
Today’s Scotland on Sunday leads with “splits” in the Yes camp, revealing (shock!) that the SNP have different positions on the monarchy, the currency, NATO and so on to those held by Green and ind...

The Kind of Country I Want To Live In
A longer guest post today, from Martin Burns, who blogs here. We don’t normally publish old stuff from elsewhere, but this deserves a bigger audience.  The Pragmatic Argument for Independence Let m...

Scotland should now get a grip and get over Thatcher
A guest-style crosspost today from Douglas McLellan, who has a new blog here and who describes himself, amongst other things, as the most right-wing member of the Scottish Greens (as discussed on L...

Over your cities Green grass will grow
The Labour party have looked about them, taken stock of the post-Blair wasteland and identified the enemy. which apparently is those well-known destroyers of democracy and oppressors of the common ...

The War of the Roses
In 1999 I wrote a dissertation for my CSYS Modern Studies entitled: The Autonomy of The Scottish Labour Party. In conclusion, I realised that ?or lack thereof? should have been included in the titl...

Abolishing the ?progressive? hate tendency
A wee guest post today from Duncan Thorp, who’s previously written for us about social enterprise. Thanks Duncan! Here?s a simple experiment. Have a think about the names of political campaigns, pr...

If you can?t take the heat don?t post defamatory articles
NationalCollective is back online today, with an amended article repeating allegations about Ian Taylor which were already in the public domain. While taking a highly principled position about thei...

Is Margaret Thatcher?s greatest achievement still to come?
The delayed debate on Thatcher’s famous quote about society (and no, there’s no amount of context which excuses it) will be taken this afternoon at Holyrood, and the reaction to the debate topic at...

Scot Goes pop

SCOT goes POP!
A pro-independence blog by James Kelly - voted one of Scotland's top 10 political websites.

Here's why Labour are probably going to lose the next UK general election
Until recently, I tended to go along with the conventional wisdom that the balance of probability points to a Conservative defeat at the next UK general election - not because Labour have in any se...

Don't these bleedin' Jocks have a sense of humour?
One of the great taboos on Have I Got News For You is audience interaction. It just doesn't happen - the audience are there to be heard (laughing and applauding) and not seen. So for this decades...

Notes on a non-scandal
In the latest scare story about Scotland's currency that has been concocted by the No campaign (and of course in this respect the UK Treasury is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the No campaign), there...

Now that the daffodils are back, it's time to vote for a blog that is fightin...
My fellow citizens, these are uniquely dangerous times that we live in.

Lord Fraser wants to call in the RAF to bomb Glasgow Airport. The Treasury wants to rip out the soul of this nation by ta...

Poll : Which Presiding Officer has been best?
Bit of a random one, this, but I've been thinking about how the reputation of Commons Speakers at Westminster has so rarely matched up to my own assessment. For example, Betty Boothroyd was treate...

Warning : Jock-bashing buffoon ahead
I've long suspected that the editor of the blogs section of the Telegraph website is running some kind of internal contest to see which writer can demonstrate the greatest lack of knowledge and sel...

If any "prominent pollsters" from Ipsos-Mori happen to be passing by, feel fr...
Well, it's been far too long since I last offended Craig Gallagher's sensibilities by reposting one of my exchanges from Political Betting. "The Screaming Eagles" is the most prominent of the site...

Did the Bishop of London feel something on his shoulder?
Compare and contrast (well, perhaps not the latter)...

Tony Blair at the negotiations that resulted in the Good Friday Agreement -

"A day like today is not a day for soundbites, really - we can l...

Ding-a-dong listen to it, maybe it's a big hit, even when your lover is gone ...
I couldn't quite make up my mind how I felt about the controversy over whether Radio 1 should broadcast Ding Dong! The Witch Is Dead on its official charts show yesterday. On the one hand, we're f...

The "international socialist movement" and its curious obsession with boundaries
Duncan Hothersall, leading Twitter propagandist for what he fondly describes as "the international labour movement" (better known to us as the UK Labour Party, an esteemed former member party of th...

YouGov poll on attitudes to Mrs Thatcher shows sharp Scottish divergence
Here is the regional breakdown of the YouGov poll from a couple of days ago on public perceptions of Mrs Thatcher following her death. There won't be any great surprises here, except for those who...

We are all National Collective
I've got a very soft spot for National Collective, partly because I was a contributor to the site in its early days, but mainly because it's since developed into an all-round class act, which does ...

Lib Dems' Moore deliberately lies in the Huffington Post - no ifs, no buts, n...
Michael Moore (aka "the man who gave us votes at 16 by opposing it") furiously spins for Blighty in the US edition of the Huffington Post -

"Scotland is facing an historic decision in 2014: whethe...

TNS-BMRB poll : Decrease in opposition to independence
Doubtless the above headline will be seen as spin, but when we have Magnus Gardham and his ilk perpetually spinning in the opposite direction on behalf of the 'mainstream media', I'm not going to a...

Did Mrs Thatcher do any good things?
Above all else, today is a terribly sad day for Margaret Thatcher's family, her friends, and all those who feel a sense of loss as a result of her passing. I'm beginning to wonder if the former PM...


Scotland's date with Destiny

Why Scotland Should Have Its Own Currency.
It took a long time for people in the UK to realise that the euro was a political issue and not simply about economics but as the single currency began to unravel, it became perfectly obvious that ...

The Scottish Pound and The Illusion of English Money.
Scotland and the UK are currently joined by not just one union, but dozens of unions, these include: political, economic, trade, social, defence, in my case a family union, and the topic of the wee...

A shocking accusation
From Wings Over ScotlandA shocking accusation

A surprising result
From Wings Over ScotlandA surprising result Ov...

Prosperity campaign weekend
This weekend thousands of Yes Scotland volunteers have been out talking to voters about how an independent Scotland would be one of the wealthiest nations in the developed world, with the means t...

CBI Urges Scots Whisky Manufacturers To Reject Independence.
A leading business organization has appealed to manufacturers of Scotland’s national drink to reject independence. The Scotch whisky industry currently benefits from an integrated currency, a wide ...

Telling half the story
From Wings Over ScotlandTelling half the story

Quoted for truth #14
From Wings Over ScotlandQuoted for truth #14 O...

Briefings abroad
From Wings Over ScotlandBriefings abroad Over Scotla...

Scottish Independence Gets Boost From Hong Kong?s Money Markets
Exchange booths rate Scottish pound higher than English notes, cheering independence backers amid fight with London on currency. In a week that has seen Britain discuss the very future of the pound...

Craig Murray (wide-ranging blog with some Scottish political content)

Craig Murray
Former Ambassador, Human Rights Activist

Shame, Lies and Secrecy on Diego Garcia
Diego Garcia and the Chagos Islands remains a deep shame to the United Kingdom. In the 1960′s we forcibly deported an entire population a thousand miles, very much against their will, to make way f...

BBC the New Hammer of the Scots
I’d Hammer out Danger – I’d Hammer Out a Warning BBC anti-Scots propaganda is moving beyond the risible towards the truly chilling. On the 26 April the first words on Reporting Scotland, issued by ...

Burnes the Polymath
Can anyone find a full online version of K.M. Lyell’s 1881 Life, Letters and Journals of Charles Lyell, Bart. ? Normally google books or similar have such out of copyright books online free if of a...

?The Project? in Kazakhstan
A week ago Wikileaks released the transcript of a meeting between Julian Assange and Google CEO Eric Schmidt, together with a number of other liberal establishment figures from the USA. This transc...

Drawing Red Lines on Shifting Sands
In general I refrain from commenting on Syria, because the politics of that country are hugely complex and I simply do not know enough about it. If in the media in general people refrained from com...

Guardian Channel Thatcher on Europe
I have arrived back in the UK from Ghana, and catching up on an unforgivably tendentious series of articles on Europe and governance in the Guardian. They are predicated on a Eurobarometer poll tha...

Ludicrous Claims Department
Yet another example of the appalling standards of modern journalism from the Guardian, with journalists not thinking about what they write, and of the fakery of the industry of “analysts” that leec...

Murder in Samarkand Goes Paperless
Finally Murder in Samarkand is coming out in an electronic edition. Here it is on Kindle. I expect it will be available on other platforms as well. I cheer myself up sometimes by reading the custom...

Unionist Propaganda Surge
George Osborne is all over the media warning that an independent Scotland must follow Tory foreign policies if it wishes to stay in the pound. In fact the pound does not belong to the English – it ...

The Official Tsarnaev Story Makes No Sense
There are gaping holes in the official story of the Boston bombings. We are asked to believe that Tamerlan Tsarnaev was identified by the Russian government as an extremist Dagestani or Chechen Isl...

LSE Get It Wrong on North Korea
On BBC World, I just watched John Sweeney’s excellent Panorama documentary on North Korea. The LSE have complained bitterly about the BBC using the cover of an LSE student trip to film inside North...

India and Women
Since the horrific bus rape case, the problems of rape in India have been firmly on the western media agenda. Today BBC World is carrying two different and terrible stories – one of the rape of a f...

The Tsarnaev Conundrum
Cui Bono? Putin. The alleged actions of the Tsarnaev brothers are a massive setback to the cause of Chechen nationalism. The Russian government have been trying for a decade to conflate the repress...

Altered States
I avoided the Thatcherfest yesterday by flying to Accra, and landed slap in the middle of a State Visit by President Ahmadinejad. Any number of levels of irony there. I am however pleased to see Pr...

In the week they took hundreds of pounds from people in severe poverty, MPs and Lords claim up to £3,750 each to return from their luxury holidays to spout off in honour of Margaret Thatcher. Meant...

Political Betting - Scotland section » Scotland
The web's premier resource for political betting.

The Scottish Sun to ?remain neutral? in next years referendum
According to the Indy the Scottish Sun will remain neutral in next year’s — Mike Smithson (@MSmithsonPB) April 2, 2013 A blow for Alex Salmond? Acc...

If Scotland rejects independence it will be because Scottish women are not co...
Latest Scottish referendum poll for S Times has huge gender divide. YES 7% ahead with men but 27% behind with women. — Mike Smithson (@MSmithsonPB) March 24, 2013 The Se...

The Scottish Leadership ratings change, year on year and the future.
    Leader Net Rating Jan 12 Net Rating Feb 13 Change Alex Salmond Plus 22 Plus 7 Minus 15 Ruth Davidson Minus 12 Minus 4 Plus 8 Johann Lamont Minus 6 Plus 8 Plus 14 Willie Rennie Minus 12 Minus 7 ...

The latest Ipsos-Mori polling on Scottish Independence
The Nationalists Strike Back Ipsos-Mori have polled for the Times on Scottish Independence, the changes are from their last poll in October. The poll, which asked the same question as the one now c...

Has Rangers Football Club just made Alex Salmonds job harder?
BBC news What would pulling out do to the independence debate? Identity is one of the most potent forces in politics; the sense of who we are individually and collectively. That?s why the unusually...

Scotland?s most accurate pollster suggests that Alex Salmond?s magic might be...
Ipsos-MORI blows for Alex Salmond/SNP/YES in the week the referendum deal was signed. — Mike Smithson (@MSmithsonPB) October 18, 2012 In the week that the referendum dea...

A Marf Cartoon and a guest slot from James Kelly on polling and the Scottish ...
Have the polls “consistently” shown that Scots are opposed to independence? Something that I know has privately frustrated the SNP in recent weeks and months is their perception that the media, esp...

The SNP loses the battle for a multi-question referendum
BBC News But 16 and 17 year olds will be able to vote The BBC is reporting that a broad agreement has been reached between Westminster and Edinburgh on the Scottish independence referendum which is...

Will Westminster stage the Independence referendum before Alex does?
The Sunday Times are running a story that, if Alex Salmond doesn’t agree to a single question referendum, then Westminster will organise the referendum for next year, and not devolve the necessary ...

How will the Scottish independence referendum affect the next general election
James Kelly looks at the various scenarios. One thing is for sure ? Scotland will be returning MPs to Westminster at the next general election, whenever it is held.  On the SNP?s proposed timetable...

How will the Olympics affect the Independence debate?
Does a successful Team GB underline ?we?re stronger together?? PB reported earlier this week on a Comres poll which reported an upsurge in support for the Olympics now they?re underway (and taken b...

YouGov Scotland poll
There’s a new YouGov poll out on Scottish matters. On the independence front, 30% are in favour on independence. This represents a decline of 1% since March and a decline of 3% since January. 54% a...

And after the big disappointment at Wimbledon?
Marf gives her take If you would like to purchase one of Marf?s prints or originals, please contact her here. Recent Threads

MORI: SLAB closing the gap on the SNP in Scotland
Ipsos-MORI There’s a new Ipsos-MORI poll of voting intentions for the Scottish parliament and these show the same trends that we saw in the Scottish local elections on May 3rd. Scottish Labour movi...

Can the SNP and Greens work together in the pro-independence campaign?
James Kelly on the pro-independence campaign If there is to be a Yes vote in the Scottish independence referendum, a prerequisite is surely that the Yes campaign itself is as broadly-based as possi...

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