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New post-Brexit Home Rule settlement for Scotland could kill off SNP's second...
30 Aug 2016 at 12:07am
GORDON Brown has declared that a Home Rule settlement for Scotland could kill off the SNP?s bid for a second independence referendum.

Jeremy Corbyn to unveil 'digital manifesto' in pitch to keep Labour leader's job
30 Aug 2016 at 12:35am
Jeremy Corbyn will pledge to draw up a digital bill of rights as part of a new manifesto to promote and harness the internet as he continues to tour the country in his Labour leadership campaign.

Scotland sees largest rise in household wealth across UK, says report
30 Aug 2016 at 12:06am
SCOTLAND has achieved the UK's biggest increase in household wealth over the last year, a new report reveals.

Rudd to visit Paris amid fears, post Brexit vote, French could axe British bo...
30 Aug 2016 at 12:07am
AMBER Rudd, the Home Secretary, is to travel to Paris to meet her French counterpart amid growing fears that the French could axe British border controls in Calais, which would transfer the so-called Jungle camp of refugees to Dover.

Concerns Brexit could mean borders become 'barrier to social progress'
29 Aug 2016 at 7:57pm
Brexit could mean borders become a "barrier to social progress", a group of government advisers have warned.

(no title)

Labour set to bear brunt of UK parliamentary constituency boundary review, lo...
29 Aug 2016 at 1:47pm
AS many as 30 Labour seats could be lost under plans to cut the number of Westminster constituencies, according to an analysis of the proposed changes.

Brown backs effective Scottish Home Rule, saying Brexit vote calls for new co...
30 Aug 2016 at 12:35am
GORDON Brown has today backed effective Home Rule for Scotland, saying that a ?constitutional breakthrough? is now needed in light of the Brexit vote.

Home Secretary to meet French minister amid border control and jungle fears
29 Aug 2016 at 2:57pm
The Home Secretary is to travel to Paris to meet her French counterpart amid growing fears that the French could axe British border controls in Calais and send the Jungle camp to Dover.

Border deal with Britain should be scrapped unless key changes made, says lea...
29 Aug 2016 at 12:54pm
THE prospect of more asylum seekers attempting entry into Britain has been raised after a senior French politician called for France to scrap its deal with the UK, which imposes British border checks on migrants in Calais, unless radical changes are made.

Emily Thornberry attacks Labour hierarchy for trying to "quash" Corbyn's lead...
29 Aug 2016 at 12:05pm
LABOUR?S internal strife has been further laid bare by frontbencher Emily Thornberry, who has launched an outspoken attack on the party hierarchy for trying to ?quash? Jeremy Corbyn?s leadership over fears of support among members.

The Midge: Guess who is on the end of a kicking from Ed Balls for Labour's el...
29 Aug 2016 at 11:20am
Hello and welcome to The Midge, the e-bulletin that takes a bite out of politics in Scotland and elsewhere. 

Secret advice to ministers should be made public, says former top civil servant
28 Aug 2016 at 12:16am
THE secret advice used by Scottish ministers to make the biggest decisions in government ought to be public from now on, according to the country?s former top civil servant.

Party's anti-Indyref slogan rejected as "offensive"
28 Aug 2016 at 12:15am
ELECTION watchdogs have thrown out an attempt to launch a new political party with the slogan ?Sod Scottish Referendum?.

Yes Scotland admits it was £500,000 in the red after referendum
28 Aug 2016 at 8:07am
THE official Yes campaign is facing questions after finally admitting it was almost £500,000 in the red after the independence referendum.



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Scots councils urgently need more mental health officers
30 Aug 2016 at 12:33am
The shortfall in the number of mental health officers working in Scotland’s councils reached its highest level last year, according to a new report.

Leaders: Dream of self-sufficiency takes a step forward
30 Aug 2016 at 12:00am
There is a long way to go, but first delivery of tidal energy to the National Grid shows the industry’s promising future

New advice sent out to reduce pressure on Scots teachers
29 Aug 2016 at 11:47pm
New “streamlined” guidelines for Scotland’s school curriculum have been set out in an attempt to reduce pressure on teachers and raise educational attainment levels.

John Swinney to meet with historic child abuse survivors
29 Aug 2016 at 10:32pm
Survivors of historical child abuse have said a meeting with John Swinney will have a “major impact” on whether they continue to engage with Scotland’s crisis-hit national inquiry.

Income tax may double for Scots after independence - Gordon Brown
29 Aug 2016 at 10:17pm
The chronic state of Scotland’s public finances could be enough to double income tax bills after independence, former Prime Minister Gordon Brown has warned.

Paris Gourtsoyannis: Isolation isn?t the answer to division
29 Aug 2016 at 9:14pm
Community tensions are being dealt with very differently in the UK and France, writes Paris Gourtsoyannis

Australian plans for gay marriage vote hit a stumbling block
29 Aug 2016 at 7:48pm
The government’s plan to hold a popular vote on whether Australia should allow same-sex marriage suffered a setback when a political party announced it would not support the proposed plebiscite.

President Dilma Rousseff defends record at impeachment trial
29 Aug 2016 at 7:07pm
Fighting to save her job, suspended Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff has told senators the allegations against her have no merit and that history would judge the country if she is removed from office.

Young and educated ?more engaged by Independence debate?
29 Aug 2016 at 5:00pm
MORE young and highly-educated people are publicly engaged with the Scottish independence debate than older people or those with fewer qualifications, a survey has found.

Alan Roden named Scottish Labour communications director
29 Aug 2016 at 3:35pm
Scottish Labour have appointed the political editor of the Daily Mail in Scotland as the party’s new communications director.

Scotland needs home rule - Gordon Brown
29 Aug 2016 at 3:30pm
Former Prime Minister Gordon Brown has called for a new “home rule” deal for Scotland in the aftermath of the Brexit vote.

Trial of Labour MP accused of assaulting Yes supporter adjourned
29 Aug 2016 at 3:20pm
The trial of a Labour MP accused of kicking a “Yes” campaigner on the day of the independence referendum has been adjourned until November.

Finance chiefs downbeat in wake of Brexit vote
29 Aug 2016 at 2:00pm
Economic confidence has suffered a body blow following the decision to quit the European Union, according to a new survey of Britain’s finance bosses.

Yes Scotland £500,000 in debt after referendum
29 Aug 2016 at 11:01am
THE official Yes campaign has admitted it is almost £500,000 in debt after the independence referendum.

Farmers need to make the case for keeping subsidies
29 Aug 2016 at 8:03am
A Radio 4 series in recent years has asked ‘What’s the point of…’ a range of activities and organisations such as, for example, golf, Lord Lieutenants, the National Trust and the Church of England. It can only be a matter of time before the question is asked of farming.

Wings over Scotland blog

Wings Over Scotland
"A new and awful low in Scottish politics" - Margaret Curran

A lack of selfie-awareness
by Rev. Stuart Campbell
28 Aug 2016 at 5:24pm
The Scottish Mail On Sunday felt obliged this weekend to devote newsprint in what’s technically an actual newspaper to a piece of snark that might just be a new all-time low in the highly competitive barrel-scraping field of “SNP BAD”: Half a page was given up to a bunch of sour complaints that the First Minister had built …

Lying right to your face
by Rev. Stuart Campbell
28 Aug 2016 at 11:29am
Dismayingly often, the thing that irritates us the most about the Unionist press lying to its readers isn’t the fact that they’re doing it, but the fact that they do it so insultingly badly. As an illustrative case in point, here’s the Sunday Times’ reliably dull-witted Scottish columnist Gillian Bowditch today: Now, let’s be generous …

GERS: The Movie
by Chris Cairns
27 Aug 2016 at 7:55am

How to lose forever
by Rev. Stuart Campbell
26 Aug 2016 at 11:35pm
This is the demented, McCarthyite state of madness the Labour Party has reached: This is a party now openly rejecting anyone as a member who has ever supported any other party. We’d take a minute to try to explain to them how the arithmetic of that one works out, but they’re a long, long way beyond …

Living in a world of quicksand
by Rev. Stuart Campbell
26 Aug 2016 at 9:18am
Scottish Labour won a council by-election in Fife last night, held after the long-serving Communist Party/independent councillor Willie Clarke (who can be seen on the last page of our Charlie Hebdo feature here) stepped down due to ill health. The successful candidate Mary Lockhart was understandably jubilant, but there were a couple of what seemed like …

Not a dry seat in the house
by Rev. Stuart Campbell
25 Aug 2016 at 8:55pm
This can’t be a good sign.

At home with the Kardashians
by Rev. Stuart Campbell
25 Aug 2016 at 1:32pm
The new January-June 2016 sales figures for “regional” Scottish newspapers: Aberdeen Evening Express: 27,441 copies per day (-11.3% vs Jan-Jun 2015) Dundee Courier: 41,243 (-8.5%) Dundee Evening Telegraph: 16,354 (-9.5%) Edinburgh Evening News: 20,235 (-14.1%) Glasgow Evening Times: 25,679 (-14.3%) The Herald: 30,402 (-11.6%) Paisley Daily Express: 4,986 (-7.4%) The Press & Journal: 54,270 (-7.2%) Scotland On Sunday: 19,059 …

The kingdom of wishful thinking
by Rev. Stuart Campbell
24 Aug 2016 at 6:23pm
One thing you can always guarantee on GERS Day is that the latest set of figures for Scotland’s devolved economy inside the UK will trigger another uncontrolled spurt of “SNP HONEYMOON OVER” articles from the nation’s dogged commentariat. Today we’ve seen already examples (links below) from two ex-Scotsman editors, Iain Martin and Magnus Linklater, the …

The SIX key facts about GERS
by Rev. Stuart Campbell
24 Aug 2016 at 1:46pm
We originally wrote this article in March, in response to the Government Expenditure and Revenue Scotland (better known as GERS) figures for 2014-15. We’ve updated it to take account of events since that time, of which there’s been one rather major one. Today saw the publication (just five months after the 2014-15 GERS) of the 2015-16 …

And so it begins
by Rev. Stuart Campbell
24 Aug 2016 at 9:57am
“Black hole” grows by £2.4bn in the space of four minutes: Hopefully we’ll soon have the sort of totally definitive clarity we got last time.

BBC Scotland

BBC News - Scotland politics
BBC News - Scotland politics
BBC News - Scotland politics

Secondary teachers union sets workload action ballot date
30 Aug 2016 at 12:09am
Scotland's second largest teaching union is to ballot its members next month on taking industrial action over "excessive" workload.

Angela Constance to meet breakaway council group
30 Aug 2016 at 12:11am
Communities Secretary Angela Constance is to meet leaders of a council splinter group to hear their concerns about being "frozen out" of funding talks.

Curriculum in schools guidance aims to 'reduce bureaucracy'
29 Aug 2016 at 4:50pm
New guidance on the curriculum aimed at reducing bureaucracy is welcomed by Scotland's largest teachers' union.

Role model campaign to encourage female leaders
29 Aug 2016 at 12:27am
Nicola Sturgeon joins sports stars to launch a campaign aimed at inspiring girls and young women to fulfil their leadership potential.

Trial delayed for Labour MP Marie Rimmer over 'referendum assault' charge
29 Aug 2016 at 11:14am
The trial of a Labour MP accused of kicking a "Yes" campaigner on the day of the Scottish independence referendum is adjourned until later this year.

Survey finds 'appetite' for local change
29 Aug 2016 at 1:12pm
More than a third of people in Scotland have volunteered for a community group or helped set one up, a survey finds.

Summits to be held over rural economy links with the EU
28 Aug 2016 at 12:54am
A series of summits are to be held on ways to boost Scotland's rural economy and consider its role in the EU.

Jeremy Corbyn urges 'respect' for Kezia Dugdale
26 Aug 2016 at 6:33pm
Jeremy Corbyn urges Labour members to show "respect" to the party's Scottish leader after she was jeered at a hustings debate in Glasgow.

Workplace equality focus of new labour market strategy
26 Aug 2016 at 4:29pm
The Scottish government pledges to focus on improving equality in the workplace as it launches its new labour market strategy.

'UK's last Communist' councillor replaced by Labour candidate
26 Aug 2016 at 8:29am
Labour wins a council by-election prompted by the resignation of Willie Clarke, the UK's last elected communist.

Michael Russell appointed Scottish Brexit minister
25 Aug 2016 at 5:15pm
The Scottish government appoints Michael Russell as its new minister with responsibility for Brexit negotiations with the UK government.

Edinburgh school parking ban encourages walking
26 Aug 2016 at 11:54am
A pilot scheme to ban parking outside primary schools in Edinburgh has led to more pupils walking to school.

Scot Goes Pop

SCOT goes POP!
A pro-independence blog by James Kelly - voted one of Scotland's top 10 political websites.

Athens of the North, no more?
by James Kelly
28 Aug 2016 at 7:52pm
Because of the disruption on the trains from Queen Street, I spent much less time than usual in Edinburgh over the first half of the year.  But I've been there quite a bit during the festival, and ...

It's a flippin' Fife phenomenon as stormin' SNP secure a super 9.5% swing fro...
by James Kelly
26 Aug 2016 at 12:54pm
The Lochs was the second-weakest ward for the SNP in the whole of Fife in the 2012 local elections (the only worse one was the rarefied setting of St Andrews).  They put up only one candidate, who ...

Glitter, Murder, Echoes...
by James Kelly
23 Aug 2016 at 1:53am
So I sat down to write a long blogpost in response to a bizarre Twitter dispute I had with Stephen Bush of the New Statesman a few hours ago. (It was on the relatively obscure topic of a wildly in...

In vain I have struggled. It will not do.
by James Kelly
19 Aug 2016 at 5:47pm
Just a quick note to let you know that I have a new article at the TalkRadio website, which allows me to fulfill a lifetime ambition by mentioning Mr Darcy and Elizabeth Bennett in a piece about a ...

The best time to hold a second independence referendum is while there is stil...
by James Kelly
15 Aug 2016 at 6:18pm
Iain Macwhirter had a piece in the Sunday Herald yesterday arguing that Nicola Sturgeon won't and shouldn't hold a second independence referendum for several years (2021 at the absolute earliest), ...

Sturgeon sensation as swanky SNP surge ahead of lousy Labour in two local by-...
by James Kelly
12 Aug 2016 at 1:57pm
I was a bit disconcerted last night when I heard that Labour had "gained a seat from the SNP" in a local by-election, but as is so often the case with STV by-elections, things weren't quite as they...

The future of this blog
by James Kelly
11 Aug 2016 at 1:23pm
As long-term readers will recall, the third and most recent Scot Goes Pop fundraiser was run last autumn, and with your incredibly generous help it raised £5680.  As with the previous two fundraise...

Democracy 1, Labour Plotters 0
by James Kelly
8 Aug 2016 at 2:49pm
I suggested the other day on Twitter that TV detector vans had better be an urban myth, because it's hard to think of a more self-defeating use of licence fee money.  But I think I've found somethi...

Reddit Scotland

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Looking to move
by /u/rigorousHJ
30 Aug 2016 at 12:48am
I'm an American looking to move to the UK (specifically the Edinburgh area) within the next 5 years. As far as I've read into it, you have to be a resident for 5 years before citizenship. Other tha...

Whoops!: Amputee's leg accidentally falls off during climb
by /u/moviemana
30 Aug 2016 at 12:35am
submitted by /u/moviemana

Red Hot Chili Peppers are coming to Glasgow with BABYMETAL in December!
by /u/CaptainValence
30 Aug 2016 at 12:11am
submitted by /u/CaptainValence

Jim Cuthbert: Scotland is at grave financial risk - it's time to pay attention
by /u/bottish
29 Aug 2016 at 11:50pm
submitted by /u/bottish

Glasgow is the best place in Scotland to be single, new survey reveals
by /u/bottish
29 Aug 2016 at 11:41pm
submitted by /u/bottish

One Minute Midgie Challenge
by /u/willm
29 Aug 2016 at 11:35pm
submitted by /u/willm

A photo I took on the North Coast 500 route
by /u/willm
29 Aug 2016 at 11:20pm
submitted by /u/willm

by /u/uadoption
29 Aug 2016 at 11:01pm
submitted by /u/uadoption

Scotland?s post-national nationalism
by /u/TheColinous
29 Aug 2016 at 10:25pm
submitted by /u/TheColinous

UK Taxpayers Subsidising World'€™s Largest Oil Companies To Exploit Its Own N...
by /u/a_random_username_1
29 Aug 2016 at 9:00pm
submitted by /u/a_random_username_1

Christopher Silver: It's Generation Rent who power today?s Fringe
by /u/CaptainHaribo
29 Aug 2016 at 8:29pm
submitted by /u/CaptainHaribo

How do the Scottish people perceive the American political system?
by /u/Morrisseyateme
29 Aug 2016 at 7:59pm
Poll, you can pick as many options, you think apply: Thanks submitted by /u/Morrisseyateme

Yer Maws Patter.... Growing Up Scottish!!
by /u/Thee_Batchy
29 Aug 2016 at 7:29pm
submitted by /u/Thee_Batchy

Edinburgh! Pint?
by /u/hairyneil
29 Aug 2016 at 6:28pm
Just passed my CBT, gonna knock back a few before I go for the train. Anycunt about? submitted by /u/hairyneil

Daily Record

dailyrecord - Politics
RSS feed from Daily Record

What has Europe ever done for us? Plenty say Grahame Smith and Alan Miller
by dailyrecord
29 Aug 2016 at 7:27am
THE question on Europe has been ongoing for years and here, Grahame Smith and Alan Miller explain what has been done for us.

Kezia Dugdale says the numbers are up for nationalist ministers on mental health
by Kezia Dugdale
29 Aug 2016 at 12:01am
THE Scottish Labour leader says 460 children and young people waited longer 52 weeks for the mental health treatment they needed since January 2015.

Former SNP MP Michelle Thomson still hasn't been spoken to by cops over alleg...
by Mark Aitken
28 Aug 2016 at 6:00am
THE Edinburgh West MP, who had her membership suspended is being probed over her property deals that involved a solicitor who has been struck off.

Even Brexit backers should be furious with the shameful NHS lies of the Leave...
by John Niven
28 Aug 2016 at 6:00am
JOHN reckons that we should all be getting our NHS bonanza of £350m that the Brexit backing politicians like Boris and IDS promised us any day now.

John Swinney writes on how meeting teachers inspired his new guidelines on ed...
by dailyrecord
28 Aug 2016 at 6:00am
THE Education Secretary, writing in today's Sunday Mail, outlines exactly how and why his controversial changes came to pass.

Jeremy Corbyn says he's not wealthy as he launches culture strategy in Edinburgh
by Hilary Duncanson
27 Aug 2016 at 9:01am
THE Labour leader says he hates elitism and the notion that only the rich can enjoy highbrow culture such as opera and classical music.

Farcical debate between Corbyn and Smith shows the sorry state of Labour, say...
by Record View
27 Aug 2016 at 6:00am
A GLASGOW debate between the two candidates for leadership of the Labour Party only proved to highlight the worst excess of the movement.

Owen Smith blames Jeremy Corbyn for Labour 'going backwards' in Scotland at h...
by David Clegg
26 Aug 2016 at 9:03am
THE leadership candidate insisted the current leader is responsible for Labour's Holyrood humiliation as the pair went head-to-head on Thursday.

Scots finance chief caught out talking a load of old deficit
by Andy Philip
26 Aug 2016 at 8:14am
DEREK McKay has been pilloried for saying the EU would ignore the budget rule.

Nat diehards could cost Nicola Sturgeon her independence dream: David Clegg
by David Clegg
26 Aug 2016 at 6:00am
DAVID reckons that the First Minister's hopes of getting independence is being hurt by members of her own party.

Michael Greenwell

So long as men worship the Caesars and Napoleons, Caesars and Napoleons will duly arise and make them miserable. - Aldous Huxley

The Scottish Independence Podcast 132 ? Danny McGregor
by michaelgreenwell
26 Aug 2016 at 9:30pm
For the 132nd episode of The Scottish Independence Podcast, I got in touch with Danny McGregor. Danny is a member of the Scottish Greens and is campaigning for Indyref 2. He also recently wrote an article for Bella Caledonia in which he talked about the various possibilities for the timing of the second independence referendum. …

Somone?s Got To Say It
by michaelgreenwell
26 Aug 2016 at 10:51am
I recently came across this old World War 1 recruitment poster that I had never seen before and, I assume like most of you, I could easily think of answers for the questions. I have written them below the image… Probably more satisfied than I would have been sitting in a mudhole being shot at …

Thank You
by michaelgreenwell
24 Aug 2016 at 7:31am
A big thank you to all the people who donated to the fundraiser. You’ll all be getting an individual email too. And right now it’s time to get working on some more guests.

Scottish Independence Podcast ? One Day Fundraiser
by michaelgreenwell
21 Aug 2016 at 8:49am
In the next year I’d really like to step up the activity of the podcast. Firstly, instead of the more sporadic publishing of episodes, I’d like to be able to make sure I get at least one a week out. This of course takes time away from other activities (work) and carries its own costs. …

The Scottish Independence Podcast 131 ? Sharon Dolan-Powers
by michaelgreenwell
19 Aug 2016 at 9:59am
For the 131st episode of The Scottish Independence Podcast, I spoke with Sharon Dolan-Powers, who I suspect most of you will know by another name, or indeed by one of her projects. Sharon is not a native Scot, but came to the country and got involved in politics on the Yes side of the Indy …

Getting The Band Back Together
by michaelgreenwell
17 Aug 2016 at 4:31pm
I was very happy to be interviewed and be half the subject matter (or a third if you count the dug) of the new short film by the excellent Phantom Power (his films are all here, and you can also hear him on the podcast here). Hope you enjoy.

Blow For Sturgeon As NASA Post Beautiful Picture
by michaelgreenwell
17 Aug 2016 at 12:24am
There was outrage today as NASA posted a possibly doctored photo of Scotland from space. Traditional journalistic wisdom would suggest that Scotland was too wee to appear that big and that beautiful. Some were quick to complain that it showed a lack of balance in that three pictures of an enlarged England had not been …

A First Little Thought on the Common Social
by michaelgreenwell
16 Aug 2016 at 8:31am
On Saturday Common Space launched their new social media platform The Common Social. Hundreds of people have already made an account and it seems to be going well. At the beginning of any new platform however, no one is quite sure exactly what it is or what it is going to be yet. And the …

Bella Caledonia

Bella Caledonia
"The UK Scotland voted to stay in doesn't exist any more"

by Bella Caledonia Editor
29 Aug 2016 at 5:13pm
Walking in the hills for pleasure prodded the land access movement ? the ?unshakeable? Scottish attitude that ?the countryside is ours?, as Adam Watson puts it. Days out on the moor brought working people close by ruined shieling or Summertowns their fore-families occupied a few generations before. Ruighe na Cruinnich Misty Summering Adam Watson gives …

A Sign, a Symbol
by Bella Caledonia Editor
29 Aug 2016 at 4:08pm
If your political base has crumbled and you are trying to reach the road to recovery, symbolism is important. From the wreckage that is the Scottish Labour Party came just such a move, today appointing Alan Roden, former Political Editor of the Scottish Daily Mail to become its Director of Communications. For a party in …

Reykjavik Rising: Iceland?s Untold Uprising
by Bella Caledonia Editor
29 Aug 2016 at 12:42pm
This is a brilliant new film from Danny Mitchell on the 2008 ?pots and pans revolution? provides some essential context on the latest outburst of popular outrage… Likes(20)Dislikes(0)

Gaoth Bhlàth bhon Ear
by Bella Caledonia Editor
29 Aug 2016 at 8:15am
Is iomadh fear agus tè às na h-Eileanan an Iar a choisinn cliù dhaibh fhèin san t-saoghal. Smaoinich air Alasdair MacCoinnich à Steòrnabhagh, an taisgealaiche a thug ainm dha prìomh abhainn Chanada, Ruaraidh MacThòmais à Pabail, am bàrd agus sgoilear Gàidhlig ainmeil, agus Flòraidh NicNèill, an sàr sheinneadair Barrach a thug ceòl na Gàidhlig gu …

Where we go from here? Britain after Brexit
by Bella Caledonia Editor
28 Aug 2016 at 9:24am
Brexit was a wake up call – but a wake up to what? A nightmare of Farage proportions that drags Britain further into an Atlantic of fear and chronic isolation? Or a wake up to mend our broken democracy and heal a profoundly torn society? If you agree we want a society where ?taking control? …

Remember the Panama Papers?
by Bella Caledonia Editor
26 Aug 2016 at 1:10pm
How quickly we forget. It was just four months ago we learned of the role of Panama in helping so many rich and famous folk to dodge their fair share of the tax burden. It was even more disgusting to see so many politicians in the rogues gallery. The first response from the Panamanian law …

The Age o Excellence
by Bella Caledonia Editor
26 Aug 2016 at 10:52am
Pairt Twa o John Hodgart’s series on Scottish Culture in the curriculum. Efter mony curricular revisions in the saicond hauf o the twentieth century, the brave new world o Curriculum for Excellence was revealed unto us in the third millennium, wi a haill new vision o teachin an learnin an new articles o faith. But nae …

What does GERS tell us?
by Bella Caledonia Editor
26 Aug 2016 at 10:38am
The publication of GERS – an assessment of Scotland?s nominal public finances – is by common consent the most tedious event in our political calendar. Unionists and nationalists alike spin the figures for cheap political points. Currently, the unionists are winning: GERS 2015-16, released today, show Scotland with a net fiscal deficit (the annual gap …

Guardian - Scottish Politics

Scottish politics | The Guardian
Latest news and features from, the world's leading liberal voice

Labour accuses Tories of abuse of power over boundary review
by Heather Stewart and Severin Carrell
29 Aug 2016 at 7:17pm
Theresa May urged to scrap plans to redraw electoral map after analysis showed up to 30 Labour seats could be abolishedLabour has urged Theresa May to drop plans for a radical redrawing of the electoral map after analysis published by the Guardian showed that boundary changes could affect up to 2...

Replace House of Lords with elected senate, urges Gordon Brown
by Severin Carrell Scotland editor
29 Aug 2016 at 4:21pm
Ex-PM says Brexit vote means UK should rethink constitutional structures to weaken case for Scottish independenceGordon Brown has called for the House of Lords to be replaced by an elected senate and far greater powers handed to the UK?s devolved parliaments in the wake of the Brexit vote.The for...

The Guardian view on a second Scottish referendum: Sturgeon has no choice but...
by Editorial
28 Aug 2016 at 7:33pm
Assumptions that the Brexit vote would quickly push Scotland into a second independence referendum are looking shakyThe claim that a Brexit vote would lead to a second, and this time successful, referendum vote for Scottish independence has been widely made, and widely believed. It may indeed sti...

Owen Smith accuses Jeremy Corbyn of lying over EU referendum vote
by Libby Brooks Scotland correspondent
26 Aug 2016 at 7:12am
Labour leader insists Brexit was not what he wanted as he and challenger trade barbs at ill-tempered hustings event in GlasgowLabour leadership contender Owen Smith has accused Jeremy Corbyn, his rival, of lying about his remain vote in June?s EU referendum during a fractious hustings event in Gl...

Scottish deficit grows to nearly £15bn as oil revenues collapse
by Severin Carrell Scotland editor
24 Aug 2016 at 3:52pm
Deficit is now equivalent to 9.5% of its GDP, with latest figures showing bigger gap between tax income and spending than UKThe gap between Scotland?s public spending and tax revenues has widened, with the crash in global oil prices leading to a deficit of nearly £15bn.The latest official data sh...

Nicola Sturgeon to appoint Brexit minister
by Severin Carrell Scotland editor
23 Aug 2016 at 5:56pm
First minister appears to put aside quest for second independence referendum to focus on protecting Scottish interests in EU talks Nicola Sturgeon is to appoint a Brexit minister to influence the terms of the UK?s exit from the European Union.The move is a tacit admission that a quick second refe...

Rival supporters stake their claims in Labour leadership fight | Letters
by Letters
22 Aug 2016 at 6:55pm
As general secretaries of unions that have nominated Jeremy Corbyn to remain as leader of the Labour party, we are writing to explain why the millions of members in our unions and the millions of workers beyond should vote for Jeremy.We have all known him for many years. He has supported us, stoo...

Ruth Davidson: ?I?ve never been caught out. That tells you something?
by Rachel Cooke
21 Aug 2016 at 8:30am
The Scottish Conservatives leader emerged as ?the people?s Tory? from the EU referendum. She talks about temper, being a gay role model and envying Ed BallsIt?s rather strange, swapping the craziness of the Edinburgh?s Royal Mile at festival time for the preternatural quiet of the Scottish parlia...

Wee Ginger Dug

Wee Ginger Dug
Biting the hand of Project Fear

Cutting the number of Scottish MPs to zero
We’ve got far too many legislators in this country, according to the Tories. More specifically, according to the Tories we’ve got far too many elected legislators who aren’t Tories. This is terribly unfair and an affront to democracy, although the Tories being offended by an affront to democracy is like the composer of the Birdy …

A question of respect
Having won an EU referendum on the basis of preserving the absolute sovereignty of the Westminster Parliament, Brexiteers are now doing a happy dance at the news that MPs aren’t going to have a say on Brexit after all. Our entirely unelected Prime Minister has announced this week that she’s going to press the Brexit …

Getting the Band Back Together (the Dug does Denny)
Recently I went and gave a talk for the local Yes group in Denny. It was a great evening.  Phantom Power films were on hand to record the event and have produced this short video of the occasion which also features an interview with Michael Greenwell of the Scottish Independence podcasts.   You can listen …

I?m backing Team DGB
I’ve spent the last two weeks trying to avoid the Olympics and the obligatory Great British cheerleading. To no avail. No matter how thick the duvet cover you pull over your heid you’re still going to be assailed by Clare Balding gushing over some person, whose name you’ll forget within five minutes, who managed to …

It?s quiet?too quiet
A guest post by Samuel Miller Other than the daily white noise of Essenpee badness, has anyone else noticed the lack of serious political news out there? Maybe we all got spoiled in May, June and July when daily we were bombarded with the Scottish elections, EU referendum and the Brexit result fallout. As for …

Who needs a sword?
A guest post by Samuel Miller ‘The pen is mightier than the sword’ True, This! ? Beneath the rule of men entirely great The pen is mightier than the sword. Behold The arch-enchanters wand! ? itself is nothing! ? But taking sorcery from the master-hand To paralyse the Cæsars, and to strike The loud earth …

Deal or no deal
A guest post by Samuel Miller First of all let’s be clear that this post is NOT exclusively about Kezia Dugdale. Besides, the ever vigilant Wings over Scotland has pretty much got the ups, downs, backwards and forwards of Kezia’s current predicament pretty well dissected. How and ever, it was Kezia’s latest exchange on twitter …

Glass half full
A guest post by Samuel Miller Righto then! I?m seeing some glum faces oot there in the aether and as your resident agony ranter, (whilst the gaffer is having a well deserved lie doon with properly made tea), I huv decided unanimously to look into this glass half empty problem and jot down some of …

The National

The National | news
The National /news

Youth unemployment is a postcode lottery with rate of almost 20% in Dundee bu...
YOUTH unemployment is a postcode lottery with ?huge disparity? in fortunes across Scotland, figures show.

Pilots charged with being under the influence ahead of passenger flight are f...
TWO American airline pilots have been released on bail after being charged with being under the influence of alcohol as they prepared to fly a passenger jet from Scotland to the US.

iPad games could be key to swift diagnosis of autism in children
IPAD games could be used as a cheaper and easier alternative to current methods used to diagnose autism.

Conservationists object to plans for golf course in Sutherland
CONTROVERSIAL plans for a world-class golf course in Sutherland are under threat after leading conservation groups called for the scheme to be withdrawn.

Aberdeen puts on comedy festival to lift economic gloom
A NEW comedy festival is being staged to help dispel some of the economic gloom caused by the downturn in the oil and gas industry.

John Swinney unveils ?streamlined guidance? to help ease the workload of teac...
THE Education Secretary has published new ?streamlined? guidance on Scotland?s curriculum designed to cut down teacher workload.

ScotRail launches campaign to tackle fare dodgers
SCOTRAIL has launched a campaign to tackle ticket fraud after it was revealed that 900,000 rail fares are dodged each year by Scots passengers.

Our exposé shines a light on bogus job scammers and prevents cons costing tho...
THE National?s exposé on fake jobs has saved jobseekers in developing

Calton Jock

Scottish and Uk Politics

New York Times Report ? Fractured Lands: How the Arab World Came Apart
            The New York Times Magazine featured the under-noted must read story. In print, it occupies an entire issue. It is a very  long article and is perhaps best saved and perused over a few days     Fractured Lands: How the Arab World Came Apart This is a story …

Are the allegations that the BBC and the Labour party are in cahoots ripe for...
                        The labour Party in Scotland and its links to an impartial BBC Scotland The under-noted persons are given mention in this advisory note which questions yet again the oft stated impartiality of the BBC in Scotland. Former BBC officials: Big Boab Wylie, John …

Dugdale defects to the USA ? New Labour survival guaranteed
                  30 June 2016: Dugdale off to the USA attending an indoctrination course – But her deputy Alex Rowley is not fit to lead the party in her absence Dugdale?s attendance on the US State Department?s International Visitor Leadership Program this month may also create a headache …

For those who are intent on voting to remain with the EU ? This might just pr...
    Paul van Buitenen says nothing has changed   Neil Kinnock insisted reforms were on track         27 August 2002: Brussels whistleblower quits in despair A European official whose whistle-blowing revelations sparked the resignation of the entire European Commission has quit, after declaring that nothing has changed. Paul van Buitenen says …

Hope not Hate ? Labour Party front that seems to thrive on hate
      A message on a floral tribute to Jo Cox, near Leeds, England, June 17.   ?A nation can survive its fools, and even the ambitious. But it cannot survive treason from within. An enemy at the gates is less formidable, for he is known and carries his banner openly. But the traitor …

Jo Cox ? Her Favoured White Helmets ? Why does it Take an Australian Female p...
                Jo Cox’s Fund Wow ? a million pounds has been raised in Jo’s honour in just three days thanks to you all. She would be so proud. The scale and speed of the public response to this fund has been overwhelming and deeply gratifying to all of us. It …

Jo Cox ? The Truth ? If you can handle it
  The large village of Birstall – where the 41-year-old was killed – played host to Prime Minister David Cameron and Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn on Friday who paid a special tribute to Mrs Cox     An opinion In the aftermath of the cruel murder of the labour MP Jo Fox just about every …

Scandal? of UK citizens? millions that go to foreign state-owned public services
    Revealed: How the world gets rich ? from privatising British public services – Exclusive: ?Scandal? of UK citizens? millions that go to foreign state-owned public services Foreign governments are making hundreds of millions of pounds a year running British public services. Swathes of Britain?s energy, transport and utility networks are run by companies …

Lallans Peat Worrier

Lallands Peat Worrier
Cogitations from a Cranachan Cairn

Beyond the grave
The folks at the National asked me to fill in for a couple of weeks, while one of their regular columnists was tripping the light fantastic on their holidays. In my second and last effort this morning, I thought I'd take a break from the relentless politics of Brexit, and GERS, and #indyref2, and write something a little more personal, historica...

En vacances
As my earlier correspondence on the Named Persons judgment suggested, I've been furth of the United Kingdom on my holidays for the last few weeks. (See an uncanny artist's impression, left). But touching back down in Scotland this morning, I found Glasgow bathed in something resembling natural sunlight. It was balmy. Unfamiliar blue patches had ...

"Hated Named persons scheme blasted as 'totalitarian'..."
I know, I know. I ought to be out eating duck gizzards and quaffing vin rosé -- and I am. But in the wake of yesterday's Named Persons judgment - further details here - I wanted to pick up just one element of the coverage of case, which warrants further scrutiny. This is pleasure, not business.The word of the day, children, is "totalitarianism."...

Named Persons: a Pyrrhic victory, a Pyrrhic defeat
Bonjour from the bonny Languedoc-Roussillon! I'm meant to be on my holidays, but the Supreme Court of the United Kingdom is no respecter of summer sojourns. The Court just handed down its judgment in the Christian Institute's challenge to the Scottish Government's controversial Named Persons scheme. You can read the - far briefer - press summary...

Scotland's future? Brexit on Brexiteers' terms. Unless...
Consider the following scenario. The United Kingdom votes narrowly to crash out of the European Union, 52% to 48%.  In Scotland, by contrast, a substantial majority - from coast to coast - votes to remain. Invoking the popular will of the Scottish people, the First Minister gives a press conference. Distilled down to its essence, she says that u...

The sentimental European
Purists hate the politics of the big coalition. This much seems uncontroversial. Divide a country - any country - of sufficient bigness, richness and complexity into two massive tribes, and you form uncomfortable, often incoherent coalitions. You quickly find folk vote your way for reasons you disagree with, and worse, which you disrespect. You ...

What would Brexit mean for devolution?
As we hirple towards the EU referendum finish line, I'm often asked a question. What would a Brexit vote mean for devolution? If we crash out of the European Union, would Holyrood - in a trice - become more powerful? The Lord Chancellor, Michael Gove, toyed with this kind of rhetoric last week, claiming that unprecedented immigration powers woul...

Stone cold morons
The indycampers are morons. There's no getting around it, no sugar-coating it: stone cold morons. In -- legitimately -- resisting the Scottish Parliamentary Corporate Body's attempt to expel their small camp from Holyrood's grounds, the group have argued their case in a fashion which has lapsed from the divinely ridiculous to the grotesquely ins...

Gerry Hassan

Gerry Hassan ? writing, research, policy and ideas
writing, research, policy and ideas

Every Year When the World Comes to Scotland
Every Year When the World Comes to Scotland Gerry Hassan Sunday Mail, August 28th 2016 At the end of every summer Edinburgh becomes a global village – walking down any street or lane entails coming across numerous nationalities, languages and different cultures. Streets are packed with tourists, sightseers, and cultural backpackers; there are performances in …

Flags and Stramashs in Scotland?s Summer of Independence
Flags and Stramashs in Scotland?s Summer of Independence Gerry Hassan Scottish Review, August 24th 2016 A couple of weeks ago I was involved in one of the many online conversations about politics that now characterise Scotland. Afterwards the animated chat in the pub turned to the previous day?s pro-independence march in Glasgow. Saltires had been …

What does the British Summer of Olympic Success mean?
What does the British Summer of Olympic Success mean? Gerry Hassan Sunday Mail, August 21st 2016 Rio 2016 has made the headlines. Before the games, there was the backstory of the Brazilian lack of preparation, corruption and wasting of billions in a country without basic sanitation and health facilities for millions of its population. As …

The Problem with Britain and Why It Can?t Be Tidily Put Back Together
The Problem with Britain and Why It Can?t Be Tidily Put Back Together Gerry Hassan Sunday Mail, August 14th 2016 Britain throughout its history has had a reputation for stability and security. This after all was one of the main clarion calls in the indyref and, more recently, the Brexit vote, but this has always …

The SNP?s Depute Leadership Contest could aid a more honest version of indepe...
The SNP?s Depute Leadership Contest could aid a more honest version of independence and post-Brexit politics Gerry Hassan Sunday Mail, August 7th 2016 The SNP is about to have a leadership election. A depute leader contest. Given the SNP is in government in Holyrood – with 63 out of 129 MSPs – and last year …

The Named Persons legislation and who stands up for liberty in Scotland?
The Named Persons legislation and who stands up for liberty in Scotland? Gerry Hassan Sunday Mail, July 31st 2016 The summer of 2016 is proving dramatic and historic. Brexit, David Cameron resignation as PM, Theresa May becoming the new PM, Jeremy Corbyn?s travails. That?s just Britain. Across the world there is Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton, …

Confiscating the nationalist halo: Review of Independence of the Scottish Mind
Gerry Hassan, Independence of the Scottish Mind: Elite Narratives, Public Spaces and the Making of a Modern Nation, Palgrave Macmillan ISBN 978-1-137-41413-7 Reviewed by Scott Hames Soundings: A Journal of Politics and Culture, Summer 2016 The feverish upheaval of Scottish politics has gradually become its own kind of normal. On 5 May the voters practically …

The Labour Party: that pillar of the British constitution doesnt have a right...
The Labour Party: that pillar of the British constitution doesn?t have a right to exist Gerry Hassan Sunday Mail, July 25th 2016 Politics requires a credible opposition that holds government to account. One that offers the prospect of an alternative government ? but now, and for the foreseeable future, Scotland and the UK is without …

Scotland and Independence

scotland independence -guardian - Google News
Google News

SNP to target 'soft' No voters in new Scottish independence drive - Scotsman

SNP to target 'soft' No voters in new Scottish independence drive
The cross-party Scottish Independence Convention is to be relaunched with chairwoman Elaine C Smith announcing a major rally in Glasgow on 18 September, the two-year anniversary of the last referendum. A recent YouGov poll showed support for ...
'Brexit' Vote Feeds Scotland's AlienationNew York Times
Former First Min...

Scottish independence and the Brexit paradox - Financial Times

Financial Times
Scottish independence and the Brexit paradox
Financial Times
When Scots voted against independence from the UK in the referendum in 2014, it seemed to be the reality of economics that won it. While most Scots identify themselves as Scottish first and British second or not at all, the argument that an independent ...
Daniel Mahoney: GERS figures a blow for Scottish independenceScotsm...

Tom Devine: Case for Scottish independence weakened by Brexit ... - Scotsman

Tom Devine: Case for Scottish independence weakened by Brexit ...
The case for Scottish independence has been substantially weakened by the Brexit vote, according to the nation's leading historian. Sir Tom Devine said the ...
Business backers warn on rush for second Scottish voteFinancial Times

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Scottish independence would still prompt RBS office move - BBC News

BBC News
Scottish independence would still prompt RBS office move
BBC News
Royal Bank of Scotland still plans to move its registered office out of Scotland should there be a "Yes" vote in any future independence referendum. Chief executive Ross McEwan, however, stressed that it would not lead to major job losses in Scotland.
Scottish independence 'could prompt RBS to move HQ from Edinburgh'Scotsman...

RBS warns Scottish independence would make Brexit upheaval worse - Telegraph....
RBS warns Scottish independence would make Brexit upheaval worse
Nicola Sturgeon's attempts to portray Scottish independence as a stable alternative to a post-Brexit UK have suffered a damaging blow after the Royal Bank of ...

and more »

Andrew Smith: Does Brexit really make Scottish independence more likely? - Co...

Andrew Smith: Does Brexit really make Scottish independence more likely?
THE case for another Scottish independence referendum is obvious. Scotland is about to be dragged out of the EU against the wishes of Scottish people, a move which directly undermines the promises of the Better Together campaign in 2014. Since the EU ...
Compulsory SNP get-together to look at EU situati...

First Minister dismisses Scottish independence 'hard border' claims - AOL UK

First Minister dismisses Scottish independence 'hard border' claims
Nicola Sturgeon has dismissed suggestions from one of her own former ministers that Scottish independence could lead to the creation of a "hard border" between Scotland and England. Scotland's First Minister said there is no reason for anyone to ...
Nicola Sturgeon accused at public meeting of double standards over Br...

Scotland After Brexit - Council on Foreign Relations

Council on Foreign Relations
Scotland After Brexit
Council on Foreign Relations
As a result of the Brexit vote to leave the European Union, the United Kingdom is likely to see another Scottish independence referendum in its future, says Chatham House's Richard G. Whitman. Scotland, which voted overwhelmingly to remain in the EU, ...


SNP - Google News
Google News

C-SNPs, I-SNPs, VBID ? The Language Of The High-Needs Consumer Market - OPEN ...

OPEN MINDS (registration)
C-SNPs, I-SNPs, VBID ? The Language Of The High-Needs Consumer Market
OPEN MINDS (registration)
The VBID pilot program takes the chronic condition special needs plan (C-SNP) and folds it into the regular Medicare Advantage program. C-SNPs are a specific type of Medicare Advantage plan that serve Medicare beneficiaries with one of 15 chronic ...

Letters I: PFI was used to feather Labour and Tory nests - The National

The National
Letters I: PFI was used to feather Labour and Tory nests
The National
THE Tory rainbow alliance (blue, red, and yellow) versus the SNP and Greens will soon be upon us, for the local elections next May 2017. It is likely that there will be many things intended to misdirect our attention away from the importance of ...

Gordon Brown claims a new home rule settlement for Scotland could kill off in...

The National
Gordon Brown claims a new home rule settlement for Scotland could kill off indyref2
The National
?I personally have never thought that all the people who voted Yes wanted independence in the way the SNP described it. ?I believe now if we have a positive alternative, something similar to what I am proposing, it is capable of winning 75 to 80 per ...

Alyn Smith: We have the team, the people, the cause, but what is badly needed...

The National
Alyn Smith: We have the team, the people, the cause, but what is badly needed is better training
The National
THE SNP depute leadership contest is a great chance to be out and about, as I always am, discussing, sometimes debating, the future of Scotland's leading party. It is a privilege to be part of, and I'm delighted with the response: the membership has ...

Former First Minister Henry McLeish: I'm ready to back Scottish independence ...

The National
Former First Minister Henry McLeish: I'm ready to back Scottish independence following Brexit vote
The National
McLeish, who was first minister between October 2000 and November 2001, said independence didn't have to be the monopoly of the SNP but could be adopted as a policy by Scottish Labour. ?The Labour Party has got to recognise that independence ...

It's worth a try - Scotsman

It's worth a try
Whenever the Scottish Government start talking about the launch of another 'national conversation' you know we are about to be treated to another of their propaganda campaigns ('Soft No voters to be targeted in new SNP drive for independence', 29 ...

Federal model is way forward, claims Brown - The Times (subscription)

The Times (subscription)
Federal model is way forward, claims Brown
The Times (subscription)
A ?more innovative? new constitutional settlement for Scotland could kill off the SNP's plans for a second independence referendum, Gordon Brown has claimed. The former Labour prime minister said that his proposal for a ?more federal? relationship with ...

Gordon Brown Calls For Elected Senate To Replace House Of Lords - Heart

Gordon Brown Calls For Elected Senate To Replace House Of Lords
But SNP MSP James Dornan said the former Prime Minister's latest comments were "an astonishing development", claiming: "The architect of 'the Vow' now says that the powers it delivered don't go nearly far enough. "This is an astonishing development ...

Referendum (Google News)

scotland referendum -guardian -telegraph - Google News
Google News

'Brexit' Vote Feeds Scotland's Alienation - New York Times

New York Times
'Brexit' Vote Feeds Scotland's Alienation
New York Times
In the June 23 referendum on British membership in the European Union, Scotland is one pristine color, voting to remain, while England and Wales are a different color, voting to leave. Similarly, in the May 2015 general elections, Scotland is again a ...
Sturgeon HIJACKED my Remain vote for independence - that's NOT what I vote...

No to the second EU Referendum? Then let England, Wales and ... - thenewfeder...
No to the second EU Referendum? Then let England, Wales and ...
The United Kingdom is not only very unique EU member state, which has own international currency but it is also de facto the union within the union. Especially ...

Sturgeon's independence dream SHATTERED as plunging oil revenues leave £15bn ...
Sturgeon's independence dream SHATTERED as plunging oil revenues leave £15bn black hole
"It is time she acted like a proper First Minister, ended her unwanted plan to take us back to another toxic referendum, and allowed Scotland to move on." Scottish Labour leader Kezia Dugdale said the figures were "a reality check for those calling for ...
Scotland's papers: Second re...

Yes Scotland admits it was £500,000 in the red after referendum ... - Herald ...

Herald Scotland
Yes Scotland admits it was £500,000 in the red after referendum ...
Herald Scotland
THE official Yes campaign is facing questions after finally admitting it was almost £500000 in the red after the independence referendum.

Merseyside MP's trial for Scottish referendum assault adjourned - Click Liver...

Click Liverpool
Merseyside MP's trial for Scottish referendum assault adjourned
Click Liverpool
A Merseyside MP will have to wait until later this year to discover her fate from an alleged assault on the day of the Scottish referendum. Marie Rimmer stands accused of kicking Patricia McLeish outside Shettleston Community Centre on September 18 ...
Trial delayed for Labour MP Marie Rimmer over 'refer...

EU Referendum: Will Scotland leave the UK over Brexit? - Betfair -

EU Referendum: Will Scotland leave the UK over Brexit? - Betfair
The majority of Scottish voters chose to remain in the EU. Does this mean the country will seek independence from the UK to stay in the union?

UK ministers try to woo Scotland after Brexit - Financial Times

Financial Times
UK ministers try to woo Scotland after Brexit
Financial Times
The flurry of activity highlights intense jockeying for advantage between the Edinburgh and Westminster governments as they try to define the terms of debate over Scotland's relationship with Europe following the EU referendum. ?What we need to do is ...
Scottish independence would still prompt RBS office moveBBC News
RBS ...

BBC works to restore trust in Scotland - - Financial Times

Financial Times
BBC works to restore trust in Scotland -
Financial Times
Four days before the Scottish referendum in 2014, a group of about 1000 gathered outside the BBC's headquarters in Glasgow to protest against perceived bias ...

Pie and Bovril forum

The Politics Forum Latest Topics
The Politics Forum Latest Topics

When will indyref2 happen?
Not when you would like it to happen, but when do you believe indyref2 will happen?

Next UK Labour Leader - post Brexit
After Corbyn....   Latest odds:

Stupid Brexit statements
Wonderful how the snp links Ruth Davidson advising the snp to abandon plans for a fresh campaign, on the grounds of stability, for separation and the Conservatives lecturing anybody about stability given the confusion that has followed the brexit vote and the potential economic impact on Scotland...

Scottish Labour appoint new head of comms A well known lefty. All that Red Tory pish, is just that. Pish. 

More SNPbad
This time - ferries The unending badness Posted on August 10, 2016 by Rev. Stuart Campbell There?s a story in today?s Herald about yet another SNP disaster: Backfires? What, the fares have gone UP? ...

A group of protesters have set up camp at the site of the Scottish Parliament and have said they are staying until Scotland is independent. Unsure why they've started camping now more than a year later. Also, camping in Edinburgh i...

Scottish Resistance chucks Sean Clerkin out of their groovy gang
With the Corbynistas hogging the limelight this week in conjunction with the Sex Pistols old record label's former owner, have missed out seeing our own Buckled Lefties? © Reynard (Deceased) managing to machine gun themselves in the foot again.

By election updates
There seems to be ones left right and centre just now so it would be good to have an overall thread for the country. I'm canvassing In the Leith one, good responses on the doors, there's two seats and it's unrealistic to think they both will go yellow, so I'm hoping for a green as well. Labour ha...

Tartan Army Message Board (often features political threads)

Anything Goes - Discussion of anything not covered above Latest Topics
Anything Goes - Discussion of anything not covered above Latest Topics

Gene Wilder
Brown bread 2016 is a real bitch. This statement from his nephew is really moving His nephew said in a statement, ?We understand for all the emotional and physical challenges this situation presented we have been among the luc...

So I See The Uk And America Have Pulled Out Of Yemen As It Erupts Into Civil War
A couple of hundred special forces and drone programme personnel have fled Yemen as it goes tits up there too. The Houthi's have taken 9 of the 21 provinces and the President has had to move the Capital to Aden, Special forces fleeing Aden?? Deja Vu indeed.Seems a significant increase in activity...

Jeremy Corbyn - fecked?
Sacked Hillary Benn through the night due to him plotting a coup. Sounds like half his shadow cabinet is going to resign now.

Indy Ref 2
Since no-one's started the thread... A lot of former No voters including some pretty prominant activists, politicians and commentators either coming out for Yes or softening their position - even Chris Deerin saying today that he's not saying that he would vote Yes but that he couldn't say th...

Scottish Daily Newspaper Sales Down (Again)
Thought some would be interested to read this. Figures for UK "regional" daily newspapers. All in decline. Anyone know why the Daily Record isn't listed ? Paisley Daily Express ...

Euro Disney Paris- Anyone Been ?
Looking to take the family to euro disney paris, end of june / first week in july,Anyone been before ?Can they reccomend a travel company?

This Board Needs Tunes
Been off the board for a few weeks and have no idea what's going on. Couldn't resurrect the original thread so here's a timely new beginning. Come on back folks!Our beautiful Scotland.

Lord Provost Lampost
Bought a house last year and always had a love hate with the lampost in the garden/drive.    I was preparing to remove it when I was told by the old boy across the road that i couldn't. So i was going to light it but again was told i couldn't. So whats the point?    Tried asking c...

Holyrood Magazine


Her chances, your choices - Introducing Kirsty, the Holyrood baby

Ed Balls accuses Jeremy Corbyn of peddling a 'leftist utopian fantasy'

Campaign launched against fare evasion

Fergus Ewing to host a series of summits on how Brexit could affect rural eco...

Scottish Daily Mail political editor Alan Roden appointed new Scottish Labour...

Doctors should give older people 'green prescriptions', finds report

Owen Smith accuses Jeremy Corbyn of voting to Leave the EU

Leslie Evans: Interview with the Permanent Secretary to the Scottish Government

Independence Live

The Independence Live Blog
We are citizen livestream journalists. People like you, are us.

Universal Basic Income ? Becoming A Reality
Following a pre-election manifesto commitment, the Finnish Government has just announced that it will be testing out a universal basic income scheme amongst a select group of 2,000 citizens. Each individual will receive an unconditional sum of ?600 irrespective of the person’s working income. The Finnish Prime Minister Juha Sipila is confident that the experiment ...

Did Nicola Sturgeon just announce indyref2?
In a week where Tesco decided to boycott their Scottish customers by ditching our flag and Jeremy Corbyn couldn?t find a seat on a train, some real politics actually happened today. Following Nicola Sturgeon?s announcement she would explore all options to protect Scotland?s place in the EU, she has all but concluded that will mean a ...

May, Sturgeon and the Treacherous Tory Trap
Confidence trickster Theresa May is attempting to lure Nicola Sturgeon into blocking a second referendum on independence.  Given the historically contemptuous attitude by unionist parties towards Scotland, it will shock very few that Theresa May is laying a devious political trap for Scotland?s First Minister by offering to include her in all aspects of the ...

Scottish voter turnout history
The whole of the UK goes to the polling stations on Thursday to decide whether to leave or remain in the European Union. All the main political parties in Scotland are asking us to vote Remain and those campaigning here for a Leave vote seem to reside on the political fringe. However I get the ...

Are American?s so desensitised they don?t know how to react?
Like most I have been following the news reports coming out of Orlando Florida. Having received an alert of the shooting I immediately took to twitter to find out what was going on. Or more to the point if I could find any livestreams from the nightclub. It did not take long to find a ...

Govanhill Baths, New Design to be Revealed
After 15 years of campaigning, Govanhill Baths is due to reopen in late 2018 Architects will be revealing the BRAND NEW DESIGN of the refurbished building at a celebration next Thursday which will involve a Community dinner, live music, a 3D digital tour of the new design and live art installations. Govanhill Baths Community Trust ...

There is no viable, sustainable, attractive alternative to independence, Henry.
The Scottish election of 2016 had one winner and that was the SNP. If you believe any different, switch your TV off now! Everyone else lost, some much worse than others. Yes, I?m talking about Labour, their 3rd place finish behind the Tories. In their frustration, they are about to try and con Scottish voters ...

Westminster, the real enemy
Seems to me that since the referendum Scotland?s pro-independence campaign have done what it always does after a defeat, starts fighting among itself. We have no voters coming to the yes movement on a daily basis. What must they think upon seeing all the infighting? These past months have saw egos getting in the way of ...